Moving Media Basel AG specializes in Out-of-Home advertising on trams, buses and stations in the Swiss city of Basel. Bringing their unique brand of expertise using display adverts on public transport they can reach customers that other advertising cannot encompass.

Public transport advertising on lots of different types of vehicles brings its own special needs. Moving Media Basel was formed last year out of several companies –and the new company is bringing unique expertise to this ad sector. They have benefited from the flexibility of ADvendio – amusingly they are using formats developed for the internet, such as banners and skyscrapers on buses and trams, and they work perfectly well!

Moving Media has complex requirements: the fleet is 400 strong and each has multiple advertisements. The customized booking calendar was created by ADvendio and Moving Media together, uniquely for public transport advertising – the complexities of the medium require a perfect calendar. That was not possible with their previous software, which ADvendio superceded.

One factor that makes Moving Media stand out in Basel is that it can bring advertising into the classic “Old City”. Billboards and other intrusive media are banned, but there is a huge audience of locals and tourists to capture.

Recently Moving Media have fully migrated all their data, contacts, etc., to ADvendio and have switched off the old software. The result is one integrated system which means more efficient workflow. ADvendio is very cost-effective. Managing Director Hans-Georg Bell says, “When I found ADvendio, I was very happy. We were finally able to administer our complex business end-to-end. It means our sales team can concentrate on our core business activities, while ADvendio works in the background.”

In 2017 and beyond they will be growing the core business and utilizing the new possibilities ADvendio has opened up for them.