We are delighted to announce that ADvendio Germany GmbH has moved office.

The ADvendio team officially moved into the new office on 1st March 2020 but due to COVID-19, the move was short-lived as employees were recommended to work from home for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully, as restrictions have eased and life returns to what is now the “new normal”, ADvendio employees have begun to return to the office in a phased hybrid approach.

The team are delighted to return to the newly renovated and refurbished office in the centre of Hamburg and are excited to be back in an office environment with their colleagues whom they have not seen for a number of months due to the pandemic.

ADvendio GmbH Officially Move Office Advendio
ADvendio GmbH Officially Move Office Advendio

The new Hamburg office space is situated in the oldest part of Hamburg in the House of the Patriotic Society, one of Hamburg’s most important architectural monuments which is located in the city center on the Trostbrücke, where the Hamburg City hall stood for almost 600 years prior to the Great Fire in 1842.

Since 2015, the building has been refurbished on the basis of a “development concept 2030” with the aim to open up the house to be a more secure and modernized building while keeping aspects of the original building intact. The building offers everything required for meetings, conferences, workshops and modern office spaces in an atmosphere that is second to none.

The office environment has many benefits for employees and provides a sense of community, increases motivation and enables employee creativity. The team can enjoy the new office with their morning breakfast bar to kickstart the morning, social BBQs and beers on a Friday to bring some sort of normality back to the office environment even if employees are only in the office 2-3 days of the week and working from home for the remainder.

ADvendio GmbH Officially Move Office Advendio
Not only is the new ADvendio office located in the heart of Hamburg’s old town with its impressive and unique architectural and stylistic features it is also home to four bee colonies that are situated on the rooftop, where approximately 150 – 200kg of honey are harvested annually and are very popularly known as “patriot honey”, a product that is not mass-produced but rather processed by hand with regional origin guaranteed.