A new ADvendio.com version has been released.

ADvendio.com is constantly being improved. With new features like the campaign contact wizard or the ad bundle function you receive even better usability. Managing ad campaigns can be this simple. Our videos show you how the new features can increase your media sales efficiency.

The following features are now available:

  • Campaign contact wizard  – if you want to add a contact to an existing campaign, you can choose from an automatically generated list of contacts already assigned to the account – this way you don’t have to remember the exact name.

Individualize the criteria in your product configuration – decide for yourself which product criteria have to be defined.

Ad bundles for proposals – combine several ads in one ad bundle and create clearly organized offers with structured packages.

The following features have been optimized:

  • Clone and edit your enhanced visit reports – the new clone and edit functions enable an easy re-use of already created visit reports.
  • Adjustment settings for the configuration of the campaign optimization of the ADTECH ad server interface.
  • Two additional lookups for media campaigns: invoice recipient and principal for improved reporting and billing data.

Editions included: 

Basic Edition, Professional Edition, Sales Cloud Package

Relevant to:

All ADvendio.com user