The complexity of the advertising industry is steadily increasing. Publishers working with a large number of advertisers and agencies have the challenge of dealing with hundreds of brands and products at the same time and therefore ultimately run the risk of losing track of them. Also, advertisers want to know precisely which placement their product or brand has along with keeping track of the costs of a single brand. ADvendio’s feature advertised brands and products supports publishers by simplifying how these demands are dealt with.

Simultaneously Maintain Transparency & Variety

With the increased range and opportunities of ad placements on websites, the demand from advertisers and agencies for more precise ads for their brands and products has increased. They want to know exactly when and where their brand’s ad is shown and how often. Reporting options to know the exact outcome of the media campaign must be provided. This forces publishers to keep track of their various brands and products, ad placements and prices.

Furthermore, many of today’s advertisers expect the opportunity to present their brands and products on a site without having competing products displayed in parallel. Hence why publishers need to take special care regarding the compilation of the advertising environment they offer their clients, avoiding ads from competing brands or products.

Increase Reporting and Exclusivity with ADvendio

With advertised brands and products, ADvendio provides publishers with a holistic overview of the advertisers’ brands and products along with offering an easy way to gain more control. Brands can connect directly to an account, media campaigns and media campaign items enabling publishers to link planned or active ads with the right brand and product.
Simplified Ad Management with ADvendio’s Advertised Brands and Products Advendio
This feature provides an increased and precise overview of your brands or products ad placements along with the number of times an ad was shown. This results in easier and holistic reporting and prevents errors. The individual brands or the brand or product information linked to your campaign item are directly visible on the proposal, offer or invoice PDF, and advertisers will receive an exact list of the displayed ads for different products.

Additionally, the set up of advertised brands and products for your clients makes it possible to create exclusions with ad servers such as FreeWheel, Google’s AdManger and many more. Exclusivity of brands is guaranteed by selecting brands which are blocking each other to prevent serving them in parallel or on another page. If a brand or products content is not allowed to be shown on a specific channel or at a particular time you can also warrant this. Thus ensuring that you don’t violate any license rights, legal requirements while satisfying your advertisers’ demands.

Simplified Ad Management with ADvendio’s Advertised Brands and Products Advendio