In 2023, ADvendio embarked on a journey of innovation and improvement, adopting a tri-annual release cycle for major updates. Explore the major achievements and milestones throughout the year including new connections and our platform’s improved capabilities.

New Connections

ADvendio enhanced its application by introducing new integrations, and expanding its capabilities to better serve our customers:

  • Expanding Horizons:
    • Integration with giants like Google Ads, TikTok, and Amazon DSP.
  • Light yet Powerful:
    • New lightweight integrations including The Trade Desk and Pinterest.
  • Seamless Reporting:
    • LinkedIn now integrates for streamlined reporting.
  • Beyond Screens:
    • Integrating Broadsign, widening our reach into Out-of-Home and Retail Media.
  • Google Campaign Manager 360 Light:
    • A leap in campaign management efficiency.

Updated Features

We have implemented and improved the Media Buying Solution, introduced the Media Integration API, and made various updates in Campaign Builder, Booking Calendar, Data Upload Management, the Finance module, and other additional initiatives to improve ADvendio.

Media Buying: Precision at Scale

  • A New Era in Buying:
    • Enhanced features for optimized media buying, offering unprecedented control and efficiency.
  • Targeting Redefined:
    • A lightweight targeting component and real-time status updates from external systems.

Campaign Builder: The Future of Campaign Management

  • Effortless Setup:
    • Wizards for seamless campaign and booking calendar setups.
  • Geo-Targeting:
    • Pinpoint accuracy with postal code targeting for Google Ad Manager.

Booking Calendar: When Every Second Counts

  • Lightning Fast:
    • The Booking Calendar is now faster and more feature-rich.
  • Mastering Events:
    • Support for Event Dates, bringing precision to inventory management.

Data Upload Management: Creative Innovation

  • Creative Mastery:
    • Enhanced management for Google Ad Creatives.
  • AWS Integration:
    • Beta support for external creative upload storage.

Finance Updates: Tailoring Your Financial Flow

  • Flexible Billing:
    • New Budget Billing Category options.
  • Pre-Invoice Precision:
    • Enhanced scheduling and customization in batch jobs.

Beyond 2023: Pioneering the Future

  • AI Insights:
    • An AI survey to harness customer insights for future innovations.
  • Support Portal Revamp:
    • A refreshed portal for enhanced customer interaction.
  • Evolving Standards:
    • Transitioning from Xandr Standard to Augmented Line Items.

ADvendio’s 2023 journey wasn’t just about technological advancements; it was about empowering businesses and individuals to harness the power of media in ways never imagined. Every feature, every integration, and every update was a step towards a more connected, efficient, and innovative future. As we close this chapter, we look forward to a new era of possibilities, partnerships, and breakthroughs. Join us as we continue to shape the future of advertising technology.