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Leading Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Manage cross-media advertising campaigns in Salesforce with a comprehensive customizable self-serve solution.


Built for the Advertising Industry

Self-serve ad platform for publishers, advertisers and agencies to streamline campaign management.

self-serve advertising platform
  • Out-of-the-box solution with an intuitive user interface (UI).
  • Get real-time accounting and reporting data.
  • Secure user profile & permission management.
  • On-demand access to all campaign activities & performance.
  • Streamline all advertising transactions from order to invoice.
  • Access to the latest technologies including Lightning Flows®.
  • Seamless integrations to leading ad servers & exchanges.
  • Fully customizable including logos, brand colors, and typography.
  • Option to automate ad activities without utilizing the ADvendio AMS package.

Empower Your Clients to Self-Serve

Solutions built for companies to efficiently manage campaigns and increase revenue.

Customize Product Definitions

Use the flexibility to build your own inventory offerings and bundles. You may instantly connect inventory items and product bundles to appear in your self-service advertising platform with the integration of the ADvendio AMS package, saving time on redefining your offers.

Out-of-the-box Self-Serve Advertising Platform

With ADvendio's Salesforce native self-serve advertising platform, you can get started right away without having to wait for integration. Simply tailor the platform to your exact requirements, upload your inventory, and begin getting automatic orders.

Guided Workflows

The platform's straightforward step-by-step guided processes make it easy for users with little experience with modern advertising to develop focused campaigns. The platform is also customizable, allowing it to fulfill the diverse requirements of media professionals.

First Party Data Control

First-party data is more crucial than ever as publishers prepare for the post-third-party cookie era. You, as a publisher, have total control and ownership of your first-party data with our self-serve platform.

Self-Serve Advertising Platform Integrations

Deliver cross-media experiences to your users with ease by seamlessly integrating with the most popular ad servers and exchanges including Google Ad Manager, Google Display & Video 360, FreeWheel, Smart AdServer, Xandr, AdsWizz and more. Our fully integrated solution enables publishers, advertisers and media companies to seamlessly connect your required data flows to your ADvendio self-serve advertising platform, including direct booking for integrated ad servers and exchanges.

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No Additional Cost to get Started

The configurable self-service advertising platform offered by ADvendio may be utilized independently of the company's main order management system. By paying a nominal startup charge, you may begin outsourcing internal sales activities right away. Allowing you to generate inventory and sell directly to customers without incurring significant technological expenditures or paying service fees. To get started, get in touch below.

About ADvendio

Over the years, ADvendio has built its SaaS software to become the leading self-service advertising platform powered by Salesforce. ADvendio provides publishers, advertisers and agencies with a set of ready-to-use tools designed to simplify the purchase and sale of advertising inventory across all media channels. Headquartered in Germany, and with offices in the United States, Ireland, and Chile, ADvendio is trusted by leading media companies in more than 25 countries around the world as the backbone of its direct and programmatic advertising campaigns.

About ADvendio

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