Expat Living publishes a series of magazines in print and digital form in Singapore and Hong Kong. Their media outreach includes both print and digital, lifestyle guides (e.g. City Guide, Kid’s Guide), websites and newsletters. They appeal to an upmarket, majority female audience, who have lived abroad for four to five years.

The magazines have been publishing for 15 years and the company employs 38 staff. They work with around 300 advertisers every month. ADvendio’s app allowed them to reduce their costs, streamlining performance.


The company wanted to move to Salesforce®, and connect and operate most of their functions via the cloud. They found ADvendio’s app via the AppExchange®.

Expat Living’s Finance Director, Colin Purchase, says, “We have moved to a system that has allowed us to streamline our manpower costs, while giving us greater functionality”

ADvendio App

The publishing house used ADvendio in a basically “off-the-shelf” configuration, which met their needs. They have a slightly customised email module. Their implementation partner was AllCloud, who are experts in carrying out ADvendio solutions.

Gal Siloni, Director of Professional Services for AllCloud, says,

This was a three month project for two of our staff, a consultant and a developer. They did an ingenious job of adapting some of the customer requirements to the ADvendio platform, which required development work and some out-of-the-box thinking. We learned a lot about the print publishing business in the process.

Expat Living’s temporary in-house CRM manager received training, and has passed on a bulk of the training to the rest of the team.


Launching the ADvendio advertising business solution with AllCloud as our implementation partner has helped us to improve the productivity and efficiency of our print and digital ad sales business. AllCloud, working with our in-house CRM manager assisted us throughout the project.

Colin Purchase, CFO, Expat Living Magazine, Singapore


The benefit for Expat Living has been a reduction in costs, as opposed to an increase in revenue. They are very satisfied with the results of ADvendio.