Increased productivity in advertising business with these ADvendio Summer features!
The manual delivery data entry saves the ad operations team time as third party or agency data can be added easily to campaigns, while instant emailing of invoices further automates the billing process. Improvements in ad server integration and analytics complete this release.

Reporting & invoicing with third party/ agency data – Manual delivery data entry
Delivery data (AIs and clicks) that is automatically transferred from the ad server to the respective media campaign is just one of the benefits of the ad server integration. However, the delivery data from your own ad server can vary from measurements of other parties or systems. Also, many ad specs are not billed by impressions or clicks and mass entry of the relevant values costs time.
If you are not using an automated interface for transferring delivery data or delivery data is obtained by a third party system or by the advertiser, there wasn’t a handy method to get this data into ADvendio until now. The delivery data wizard helps you in all these cases to easily enter the relevant amounts that are to bill. This way you are still flexible in reporting and invoicing and manual efforts as well as possible error sources are reduced to a minimum. To permanently secure transparency, the manual entered delivery data and the delivery data from the ad server are both visible in the system and reports about the deviation can easily be created using the reporting engine. This video shows you how the delivery data wizard works. (Use case: CPO ad spec).

Automated sending of invoice documents – invoices by email (single or mass emailing):
Thanks to this functionality invoice documents can now be emailed directly to the invoice recipient which is specified in the media campaign. Here, the generated invoice is attached to the email. The text can be created individually in a template. Emailing a single invoice is also possible. The sent invoice is automatically documented as a completed activity in the contact.

Everything in one system – DFP Creative Upload:
Users of the DFP Ad Server now have the possibility to upload Creatives directly in ADvendio at the respective campaign position and submit it with one click to the associated flight in the ad server. To enable this, the templates for creatives available in DFP can be completed and invoked in ADvendio. This way the complete preparation of the campaign can be done in ADvendio, while the technical examination, approval and activation is done in DFP. To ensures that creatives that are to be uploaded correspond to the formats in DFP, DFP Creative Templates can be imported so that the Creative Mask of DFP is directly displayed in ADvendio and everything is transmitted correctly.

Find suitable products even faster – new classification filter in the media search

The existing filters in the media search (site, placement, ad type and billing category) are supplemented by an additional classification filter. This filter can be defined by you and contains additional information about the ad spec, which is not or only partly covered by the existing filters. For example you could show ad specs filtered by Display, Mobile or Video. The appropriate classification must be defined in the ad spec.

Consider targeting when checking availabilities – ADTECH IMSpro Ad Server Integration:
Due to the new ADTECH IMS Pro API, ADTECH users are now able to take all targeting criteria and combinations as for example key value targeting, geo targeting, online targeting or keyword targeting into account when requesting availabilities.

Automatic extrapolation for media campaigns – invoice forecast:
A new addition to ADvendio is the possibility to predict the expected invoice amount and invoice total at the end of the billing interval using an automatic extrapolation. For this purpose the already delivered quantity and the average delivered quantity are used. The values of the invoice forecast can then be used e.g. in controlling for a fast close of a month-end closing or the invoice accruals.

Optimized invoice cancellation, display of commission and early payment discount – Billing module:
The improved invoice cancellation makes sure, that when canceling a campaign position not all invoices of the according campaign are canceled, but only the invoice that needed to be corrected. E.g. if a campaign runs from May until July, the May invoice is fine, but in June a correction is necessary, only the June invoice which contains the campaign position that has to be corrected will be canceled, not the one from May. When displaying the commission you can now decide if you want to state it on the invoice and reduce the net and gross amount accordingly or whether the commission is charged system internally and net and gross amount are displayed without commission. The early payment discount from the media campaign can be taken into account on the invoice, but isn’t shown in the invoice PDF.