Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a tool that gives your customers and agencies the opportunity to enter and maintain their own bookings?
By creating the link between salesforce.com and your adserver system, you have all necessary information and functionality within salesforce.com to setup an easy-to-use but powerful portal to let customers and agencies book their own campaigns.

Creating campaigns in your adserver is a time-consuming and difficult process, nothing you would like to burden your customer with. But with salesforce.com it is easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Login and Add Products
  2. Check Availability and Book
  3. Upload Creatives

Login and Add Products

All logins of your customers and agencies are handled by salesforce.com. You can use the salesforce.com Partner Portal to give companies access to the Portal, so security is handled by salesforce.com.
With our enhanced product search for salesforce.com you can define for every customer or for the portal which products can be added and which additional criteria (e.g. targeting, discounts) are allowed.

Check Availability and Book

After adding products to the campaign, the user can check availability. This requests goes through salesforce to the adserver and gives exact numbers back. After checking the inventory the user can book this campaign. Whether he is allowed to book without prior availability check or with unsufficient inventory, can be defined by you.
The portal will then create an opportunity in salesforce.com and transmit it to the adserver. The opportunity will make it easy for you to track all bookings that are done through the Self Service Portal.

Upload Creatives

After booking the campaign, the next step is to upload creatives. All creatives will be checked on their technical specifications. The creatives will be uploaded to the ad server where they can be reviewed for subjective reasons and activated.