In the past, connecting your important external systems to your CRM required an enormous project including multiple members from technology & finance functions within your business to come together to scope the needs of the project and develop the code required to execute those identified data flows. This was a time and resource-heavy process that left many companies choosing to manually manage the transfer of this data over engaging in such a daunting development project.

This, however, presents its own issues, especially when it comes to data accuracy. Manually exporting and inputting this data form your data source to your accounting system opens the door for simple human error mistakes. This potential for error and subsequent incorrect data is not acceptable when dealing with precious accounting data as even minor errors can prove to be costly. Thankfully present-day publishers, advertisers, and agencies do not have to worry about this issue as modern systems and solutions have been created to make integrating your data to external systems, a seamless automated process with guaranteed accuracy.

What is MuleSoft?

Mulesoft, a Salesforce company, is a premium all-in-one integration platform. This makes it easy to design, build, and manage Interfaces or data connections. MuleSoft helps companies to combine SaaS and Enterprise applications in the cloud to create a unified experience through seamless data connections.

ADvendio’s MuleSoft Solution

ADvendio has developed a free customized connector app for streamlining your financial & accounting data management. This simple connection once downloaded from the ADvendio Knowledge Base allows you to effortlessly synchronize your invoice data and accounting records with your Salesforce org.

By availing of the premium customized connector app from ADvendio you half the effort involved in integrating leading accounting solutions for example, SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, QuickBooks, or NetSuite. This means the implementation of accounting systems can be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks. Combining this seamless integration with ADvendio’s data extraction, transformation, and loading capabilities ensures that with ADvendio you have full process management of your financial accounting data from start to finish. Ensure your business has state of the art IT infrastructure by leveraging ADvendio’s customized MuleSoft app to connect external systems without the need to deploy any code.

Follow the link to the ADvendio Knowledge Base where you will find an admin’s guide to setting up your ADvendio MuleSoft integration and a link to the downloadable file you need to get started with your non-code driven integration.