Media campaigns are your running campaigns. With ADvendio you are able to monitor your media campaigns and keep track of them no matter if you are sales manager or director. Each media campaign is categorized and defined with several standard sales attributes like probability, stage, type, name, net amount in order to scan your opportunity quickly. With ADvendio you are able to create several campaigns for one or several customers and overlook them anyhow.


ADvendio has also the advantage that you can view a media campaign from four different perspectives:

  1. from the media campaign front page tab
  2. associated to a specific account as part of the 360° account view
  3. from dashboard and your predefined reports
  4. from the global or campaign limited search

You are able to create or choose different views of your media campaigns. ADvendio offers you a way to search for a campaign. You can search for a word and get a list of every media campaign which includes the word you searched.

Quick view – KPI values

Among media campaign details you can see information like:

  • with which client are a campaigns associated
  • which agencies are involved in media campaigns
  • when do media campaigns starts and when will they end
  • which business volume is expected.
  • which placements were selected and how do they perform

Related lists

Campaign contacts are listed who are responsible for the linked media campaigns. As contacts are connected to accounts (clients, agencies etc.) you are able to view and report the different relationships for your campaigns. You have also the possibility to create events or tasks which are concerned with your campaign and have an overview of them among “open activities” and “activity history”. With the campaign history you are able to better understand what has happened in the past, where got the selling process stuck, which employee was involved in the selling process and much more.

Extended media search and quote management

Under “campaign items” you can view a list of several products within a media campaign, including start date and end date, sales price, billing category, discounts and amount. In order to build your media campaign with the belonging placements and their targeting please find the corresponding posts under extended media search and campaign configuration, quote management, targeting, …. If you have a huge amount of products, you can use the extended media search of ADvendio to select the intended media placement.

The competitors related list of a media campaign shows you the competitors for that deal. You can track multiple competitors for each of your media campaigns. For each competitor, you can add a description of their strengths and weaknesses. The media campaign field history related list of a media campaign detail page tracks the changes to the media campaign. Any time a user modifies any of the standard or custom fields whose history is set to be tracked on the media campaign, a new entry is added to the media campaign field history related list. All entries include date, time, nature of the change, and who made the change.