How Companies Implement ADvendio Remotely

Salesforce powered ad management software built for remote implementation.

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Remote Ready Solution

With many implementations successfully completed without ever going onsite, our ready to use ad management software is providing key solutions for companies that buy and sell media regardless of their location.

Remote Setup Process

  • Define a clear implementation strategy & plan.
  • Undertake a online discovery workshop to scope the situation.
  • Establish a functional design for the customer.
  • Identify project management and define a working package.
  • Form a technical & development team for customization.
  • Implement all parts of ADvendio in a step by step approach.

Remote Implementation Benefits

Mid-market to enterprise-sized companies benefit from reduced costs to increased flexibility.

Cost Savings

Conducting implementations remotely enables companies to be more cost effective by saving both travel costs and reducing operational costs.

Increased Flexibility

Operating remotely provides the team with more flexibility regarding time frames allowing for more efficient time management for both planning and scheduling.

Rapid Decision Making

Communication is conducted online using various tools such as customer support, ADvendio offers consumers rapid responses to any questions or queries they may have.

Operational Independence

Remote projects provide any organisations with the option to achieve independence in operations and daily business while utilizing their own internal experience and expertise.

On-Demand Expertise

Online support and expertise that is on-demand throughout the entire process.

Salesforce Advendio Remote Advertising Software Support
  •  Support & assistance is provided in parallel with consulting.
  • Dedicated and well coordinated account management.
  • Exclusive online in-depth implementation training.
  • Regular comprehensive information sharing sessions.
  • Extensive Salesforce experience & expertise.
  • Fully certified Salesforce consultants.
Salesforce Advendio Remote Advertising Software Support

Colin Purchase

Expat Living Singapore

"ADvendio’s advertising management solution has helped us to improve the productivity and efficiency of our print and digital advertising business. Thanks to their product flexibility, remote implementation was possible with our in-house CRM manager properly assisted throughout the process.

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