ADvendio opens its doors

During the course of the “Talent Day” professional orientation day on 9/11/2016, ADvendio will open its doors to interested pupils, university students and prospective graduates.

As a growing and dynamic company, the training of young persons is taking on an increasingly-important role. Thus, we would like to enable interested persons–even already during their school and/or university days–to gain exciting insights into our daily work life as we support them during their difficult selection of careers and, at the same time, to introduce ADvendio to new talented people.

The event’s focus will be on the presentation of various entry-level and training options as well as career opportunities at ADvendio. Moreover, the pupils and university students will receive detailed information about the company and also the ADvendio product.

Interested pupils and university students can register at There are only a few remaining spots available for the on-site session at ADvendio.

We are excited and look forward to meeting many interesting pupils and students!