New features for efficient end-to-end ad management

The new ADvendio Release Spring 2016 is packed with a wealth of new and improved features to help you get the best out of your advertising inventory. Find out more about the Package Manager, VAT ID check, Legal Entities, Active Checkboxes and our improved connection to DoubleClick for Publishers.

  • The Package Manager simplifies the management of fixed product packages.
  • Verify your customer’s VAT identification number directly within the ADvendio interface.
  • Legal Entities allow you to manage several number ranges for invoicing and media campaigns (e.g. for subsidiary companies).
  • Thanks to the Active Checkbox for objects, you can now display only current products, prices and targeting options.
  • ADvendio offers improved connection to DoubleClick for Publishers.

Package Manager – Simple and convenient management of fixed product packages

With the new Package Manager we provide an innovative tool which simplifies the management of product packages in ADvendio. It’s now possible to put together packages exclusively with fixed components (e.g. certain ad formats in certain magazines), or to combine fixed components and quantities (e.g. four half page ads in certain magazines). Perfect for Ad Sales managers who can only offer valid product packages!

Automatic VAT ID checking – be sure that everything is above board

Companies are obligated to check the VAT IDs of customers from the EU. ADvendio can now carry out these checks automatically. Choose to verify individual accounts or several VAT IDs at the same time.

Legal Entities – Easing the burden for companies with several branches

ADvendio customers can now create separate Legal Entities for subsidiary companies, branches and more. Different number range systems for invoicing and media campaigns can be set for each legal entity. This means that you can decide how the invoices and media campaigns for each subsidiary company, for example, will be numbered.

Active Checkbox – Always work with up-to-date advertising specs, prices and targeting options

Use the Active Checkbox to decide whether various objects (e.g. placements or ad types) are up-to-date or out-of-date. This makes life easier for Ad Sales managers because they just have to sift through valid products, prices and targeting options. Offering out-of-date prices or products is a thing of the past.

DoubleClick for Publishers – Even more features on the Ad Server interface

Connecting to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is now even easier: ADvendio now supports DFP “Teams”, the display of native ads and the use of new “Active View” KPI.