100% of participants would join us again next time.

In accordance with our philosophy to revolutionize the way publishers manage ad sales by making their business processes more efficient, ADvendio.com invited its customers to a free workshop in Hamburg. Since even the most streamlined and optimized business environment is of little help if users do not know its features or if they are unsure how to employ them most effectively, both support and workshops are of great importance. Therefore, we do not only aim to further develop our solution but also want to improve the way our customers work with ADvendio.com. That’s why the first pilot workshop focused on training admins.

During two intensive sessions participants received detailed insights concerning new features in account, inventory & campaign management and learned e.g. how to set up workflows and approval processes or use the analytics tool. ‘Very understandable and friendly workshop during which I learned a lot I’ll employ.’, summarizes Carola Ollhorn, Unister Media. The casual get-together left enough time for open exchange among participants and presenters. ‘We deeply enjoyed the personal talk and committed discussion during the event! Based on the overwhelming positive feedback we are planning a next workshop in summer,’ states Reno Milewski, workshop initiator at ADvendio.com.