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Supporting Your First-Party Data Strategy

Prevent revenue loss due to third-party cookie deprecation by enhancing your first-party data strategy with ADvendio's audience extension, data transparency, and self-service advertising solutions to maximize advertising revenue.

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Omnichannel Ad Management System

Streamline & manage your media buying & selling processes with ADvendio’s all-in-one software.

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  • Out-of-the-box digital transformation product for the ad industry.
  • 360-degree visibility into all customer data and interactions.
  • Fully flexible to satisfy the needs of your unique advertising process.
  • Full process ad management solution including smart automation.
  • Optimize direct and premium programmatic buying and selling.
  • Real-time view of available & reserved ad specs across all channels.
  • Comprehensive ad tech integrations with regularly available updates.
  • Extensive reporting functionalities to analyze inventory performance.

Challenges Due to Cookie Deprecation

ADvendio can support you in developing and implementing a first-party data strategy to transition away from reliance on third-party data.

Compensating for the Expected Loss of Revenue

By developing new products and services, you can avoid suffering from anticipated revenue losses. With our customizable solution, ADvendio supports the development of all sorts of advertising products and media channels.

Making Traditional Inventory Addressable

To establish new omnichannel products, traditional inventory must also be addressable for target groups. With ADvendio, you can directly synchronize linked systems that contain your subscribers' audience data, enabling completely targeted campaigns based on key browsing activity.

Unsuitable Systems

With rigid or inflexible ad management systems you may find it difficult to adjust to the needs of a comprehensive first-party data strategy. ADvendio is a scalable, Salesforce native advertising solution that interfaces easily with your internal and external processes to unify data and streamline operations.

Audience Extension, Data Transparency & Self-Service

Extend your first-party audiences, reconcile your data in a single location and extend transparency to customers with performance & audience metrics.

Unify Data Across Your Tech Stack

Connect to all of your external systems in Salesforce to effortlessly organize, cleanse, and standardize your most vital business data. Integrate with ease to your selected ad servers, ad exchanges, accounting, and ERP systems. Our pre-built ad tech integrations are regularly updated to guarantee you always have the most recent version of your integration without having to pay for maintenance or development.

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About ADvendio

About ADvendio

ADvendio's Salesforce-based platform has evolved into the leading media-specific omnichannel ad management solution available on the Salesforce ecosystem. ADvendio's out-of-the-box features are used by publishers, advertisers, and agencies to automate the buying and selling of advertising inventory across all media channels. ADvendio is the backbone of omnichannel advertising for global media organizations in more than 25 countries.

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