Webinar Video: Summer ‘19 Release - New Features & Enhancements Explained

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ADvendio Summer '19 Release: New Features & Enhancements Explained

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Webinar Date - Oct 10th, 2020
Language - English


Watch to learn about our collective “Summer 2019” new feature developments & enhancements from ADvendio versions 2.113 - 2.116 updates. Check out the ADvendio wiki for more detailed information.

Each month our team releases new customer-focused features and enhancements, as we continue to future-proof our ad transaction management software to meet the constantly evolving needs of publishers, advertisers and agencies.


  • Accounting Interface
  • Check availability Media Configuration
  • Automatically applying Price Rules in the Media Configuration
  • ADvendio Lightning Flows: Debtor Change
  • Korean and Japanese support

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