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Spring ‘24 Release -
New Features & Enhancements

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Join Kenneth Puche, Customer Success Manager, and Nicole Jünger, Product Manager, as they introduce the exciting new features of ADvendio’s Spring ‘24 release. In this detailed presentation, they walk you through the latest enhancements designed to streamline your media buying, reporting, and campaign management processes.

What’s Inside This Release

  • Snapchat Integration: Discover how to effortlessly integrate Snapchat campaign data into ADvendio, simplifying invoicing and reporting.
  • BURT Reporting Integration Update: Gain flexibility in your campaign reporting and invoicing with our enhanced BURT integration.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Learn about our more adaptable payment options, allowing better management of campaign finances.
  • Campaign Builder Enhancements: Explore improvements in our Campaign Builder, including new features for managing digital products and targeted advertising.
  • Self-Service and Sales Assistant Updates: See how easy it is to create print and retail campaigns with our updated Self Service flow and Sales Assistant.
  • Ad Material Management Enhancements: Check out the new capabilities for managing creative materials, including support for various creative types and new validation features to ensure your ads meet technical specifications.

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