We strive to improve the ADvendio product regularly to give our users the best possible experience. As a result, our ADvendio Product & Development team releases new customer-focused features and enhancements every month to ensure that our advertising management software is future-proofed to meet the dynamic needs of advertising industry professionals.

Over the last four months, we’ve added a variety of new features and product improvements to our Spring 2022 Release Package. This spring, we put a special emphasis on enhancing our campaign builder and creative asset management features as well as all-new integrations with leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

A summary of the main improvements we have made available to customers this spring can be found below.

Upgraded Functionality of the Campaign Builder

Our Campaign Builder is constantly being updated with new feature enablements and possibilities. This updated version improves the user experience when configuring campaigns by adding more logical operators for tab rules to set visibility based on predefined rules.

The targeting capabilities of the Campaign Builder have been further enhanced with the addition of support for multiple targeting options, including Geo, Device, Inventory, and Connection targeting, as well as a “read-only” mode for the targeting field. Our out-of-home customers, in particular, will benefit from the newly introduced content selection, which allows them to select the appropriate out-of-home inventory per item.

When it comes to managing campaign items, users can benefit from our latest release by enabling the distribution of individual packages based on price and time period.

New Features for Streamlined Inventory Management

We’re excited to announce that you can now reserve inventory time slots and quantities for a specific time period. This enhancement is designed to support customers that previously struggled to reserve inventory solely for certain advertisers or agencies in order to avoid these items being booked by other customers. You will be able to check the reservation status across several ADvendio features as a result of this update, allowing all departments to track what inventory will be released and for how long it will be reserved.

Regarding inventory availability checks, we have also improved the Media Search behaviour to filter by content fields. Allowing users to add only content that matches your selected filters to the basket, as well as adjusting the availability check accordingly. In addition, an update has been made to the self-service components to display available units per ad price as a badge in the results list for smoother item selection.

Additional availability check enhancements for specific ad tech integrations have also been added. You can learn more about these in the integration enhancement section below.

Optimized Campaign Contact Wizard

With the goal of developing further functionality into the Lightning design, we have now rebuilt the Campaign Contact Wizard to simplify the definition of relevant contacts per campaign. Since the Contact Wizard only shows contacts that are related to the accounts involved, it helps users quickly select key contacts for each running campaign. Furthermore, it is also possible to categorize them as either Quote or Invoice Contacts in their corresponding quote or invoice (PDF) files for simplified campaign management.

Improved Creative Asset Management User Experience

For all users interested in our Creative Asset Management feature set, we have delivered several enhancements to streamline your creative upload process. To begin, we’ve set up the ability to sort fields in any order you like, as well as including placeholders and help texts to assist users and offer the best possible experience. First, we have configured the ability to request custom fields directly from the UI to ensure the best user experience. In addition to this, we hope to provide greater control by offering customers the capability to enable or disable actions based on user profile settings. Moreover, campaign managers can rest assured that it is no longer possible to select the same existing creative multiple times for a campaign item.

A BETA version has been released to further optimize the configuration and setup of our Creative Upload feature and further streamline your creative management process. Creative Templates for Google AdManager can now be imported directly from ADvendio with just one click. These templates are designed to be ready to use, but you can still customize them to meet your own needs.

If you are interested in this new Creative Asset functionality, keep an eye out for future releases as we’ll be regularly enhancing the available feature set to support more integrations.

Integration Enhancements

At ADvendio, we recognize that the advertising industry’s complexity is at an all-time high; whether you’re an advertising buyer or seller, you’ll require a variety of systems and platforms to carry out your daily advertising needs. Hence, we are committed to continually developing our external integrations to ensure that your advertising operations are as efficient as possible. The following are some of our most recent enhancements:


For a more intuitive workflow and user experience, we’ve added support for Xandr’s new Guaranteed Delivery Augmented Line Item booking, which will help our customers access the most up-to-date Xandr features, including seamless translations and customized pacing settings for GDALI items.

Simultaneously, we have improved our campaign booking and execution processes by enabling ‘Roadblocking settings’ for line items of augmented and Guaranteed Augmented Type. Thanks to this enhancement, you will be able to control how fast your campaign bookings are delivered in Xandr. Support to set external IDs within ADvendio before uploading creatives to Xandr is also available with this version.

Lastly, we have now integrated Xandr Invest for our ADvendio media buying features. This allows you to prepare your orders and items in ADvendio and seamlessly push them to Xandr Invest to start your programmatic media buying. You will then automatically receive key information about your costs and performance back to ADvendio for optimal media buying efficiency.

Facebook & Instagram Newly-Released Integrations

We are delighted to announce that we now support Facebook and Instagram ads as part of our media buying capabilities. Whether you’re planning full campaigns on behalf of advertisers or want to offer additional audience extension packages as part of your portfolio, ADvendio now helps you get those orders into Facebook, convert them into live ads, and automatically receive key insights on performance and costs in ADvendio. This will save you valuable time and effort in campaign setup and further streamline your advertising processes.

Google Ad Manager

We constantly keep our integrations up-to-date so that we can support you with the latest features while maintaining a secure connection. ADvendio offers customers frequently maintained ad tech connections. This means you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of your integration without having to pay for regular maintenance or development. With our Spring release, we have updated to Google AdManager API v202202.

For this version, we have enabled custom metadata targeting, which allows for detailed video-specific targeting criteria. Users can now download metadata key-values as Connection IDs and match video and CTV booking accordingly.


Our Spring ‘22 Release includes enhancements to our SMART integration as well, starting with support to set descriptions, internal comments, and external IDs within ADvendio for direct submission to SMART. Improvements have also been made to the check availability process through our keyword targeting capabilities, using the AdKeyValue field alongside the “ADKeyWords” field through the addition of the logical “and” operator.

AdButler & Triton

To enhance the user experience when booking campaign items, we have included additional support for Availability Check features for our AdButler and Triton integrations. This allows you to access forecast information about availability checks directly from ADvendio while creating and planning the most effective campaigns for your advertisers.

Customers can access the ADvendio knowledge base at any time for additional information on our features, release notes or support information. If you’re interested in learning more about ADvendio, you can check out our AppExchange® listing or simply reach out to your ADvendio technical account manager, who will be happy to discuss your needs in further detail.