ADvendio – The Ad Sales Management Solution for Publishers and Sales Houses


Publishers’ all-in-one solution for ad sales success

ADvendio gives publishers and sales houses everything they need to deliver premium ad sales efficiently. Manage the entire business process end-to-end in one application: from CRM and Sales, Order Management, Ad Ops and Reporting, to Billing and Accounting. ADvendio supports print, digital, out-of-home and TV ad sales.

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CRM – Advertiser and Agency Management

Maximize the effectiveness of your customer interactions by organizing advertisers and agencies with a 360° view by using ADvendio. Get a complete picture of your clients, with everything you need in one place. Our sales CRM software allows you to work with a better business view.
By utilizing the powerful ADvendio CRM features publishers and other advertising sales organizations can optimize the way they interact with their ad sales customers.

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Sales – Media Campaign and Proposal Management

ADvendio gives publishers and sales houses everything they need to make the most of their premium ad sales by streamlining the contact-to-cash lifecycle. Simplify the ad sales process and perfectly meet your client’s individual demands by using an all-in-one application that supports your ad sales process end-to-end.

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Order Management / Ad Operations

Combining sales and ad operations, shortening the administrative processes and collecting all your business data in one place will lead to more productivity and better quality information. Our order management features enables you to reduce operational complexity. This way publishers can close the loop between CRM, order management and booking.

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Ad Server Availability Forecast

Inventory Database

Minimize time spent answering to RFPs by using the ADvendio Inventory features. A user-friendly inventory makes the process of finding the right media or package for your customer quick and easy to understand. Our Ad Inventory Management solution reduces time spent searching through spreadsheets and helps you focus on what you’re best at: selling.

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Analytics and Dashboards

Obtain a comprehensive view of your company as a whole and the work processes that drive your success. With ADvendio you can create reports and dashboards and analyze every detail of your business. That way you can expose weaknesses and discover potentials in your processes and use them to strengthen your teams.

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ADvendio simplifies the billing process and enables publishers to work more efficiently. The end-to-end advertising business solution automates the sales, ordering and billing of advertising campaigns. ADvendio’s billing and accounting combines the whole ad sales process in one solution, giving you a 360° customer view of all phases of the offer, sale and billing process.

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Invoice in ADvendio

Salesforce Platform

ADvendio is built and operated on the platform and therefore backed by the security and scalability of the world’s #1 cloud computing company. With powerful APIs and mobile-ready tools, the Salesforce1 Platform lets ADvendio build an ad sales business application that helps media companies to grow their business.

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Ad servers & ad networks

The ad sales management process is complex and requires a lot of time as sales and ad operations tasks have to be coordinated separately. ADvendio offers a scalable management solution with an ad server integration which builds a strong bridge between CRM, Order and Sales system, and ad server. Bringing together sales and ad operations, shortening the management circles, and collecting all your business data in one spot will lead to more productivity and better quality.

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Ad Server Exchange

Collaboration and Services

Use automation and approval tools to enhance collaboration throughout your whole sales team. Customize the system to your individual requirements.