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Run advertising campaigns across multiple channels with our customizable self-serve advertising software.

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Built for the Self-Serve Advertising Industry

Self-serve advertising software for publishers, advertisers and agencies.

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  • Ready-to-use solution with a friendly user interface (UI).
  • Live access to accounting and reporting information. 
  • Effectively manage user profiles and permissions.
  • Real-time visibility of all campaign activities and performance.
  • Simplify all advertising operations, from order to invoicing.
  • Easily integrate with top ad servers and exchanges.
  • Customize to include logos, brand colors, and typography.
  • Benefit from the newest automation technologies, such as Lightning Flows®.

Empower Your Clients to Self-Serve

Solutions designed for businesses to effectively manage and optimize campaign performance.


Serve historically unprofitable and low-budget customers to increase your revenue and market share without investing in additional staff.

Out-of-the-box Self-Serve Advertising Software

With ADvendio's advertising software, your customers are immediately able to self-serve, without time consuming implementations needed. 

Customize Product Definitions

Empower yourself to build your own inventory and bundle offers. Instantly connect inventory items and product bundles to appear on your self-service advertising platform and save time in redefining your offers thanks to the integration of the ADvendio AMS package.

Enhance Relationships

Enhance collaboration with integrated communication tools, like document sharing features, to improve direct communications and keep customers updated at all times.

Compatible With Your Systems

Easily integrate with leading ERP and CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Hubspot and Salesforce. Connect your current ad servers, exchanges and accounting systems to build a central hub for managing all campaign key information, including performance tracking, invoicing and live reporting.

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No Additional Cost to get Started

ADvendio's configurable self-service advertising platform can be used regardless of the company's main order management system. For a nominal start-up fee, you can begin outsourcing internal sales activities immediately. Which allows you to generate inventory and sell directly to customers without incurring significant technology costs or service fees. To get started, simply fill out the form below.

About ADvendio

ADvendio's SaaS platform has been developed to become the leading self-service advertising platform powered by Salesforce. Publishers, advertisers, and agencies use ADvendio's out-of-the-box capabilities to automate the purchasing and selling of advertising inventory across all media channels. With locations in Germany, the United States, Ireland, and Chile, ADvendio is trusted by leading media companies worldwide as the backbone of its direct and programmatic advertising campaigns.

About ADvendio

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