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Salesforce Powered Digital Audio Advertising Management Solution

Streamline your complete digital audio ads management process from order to invoice in one solution.

Developed for the Digital Audio Industry

Streamline campaign management with ADvendio's out-of-the-box, all in one ad management solution.

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  • All your data is in one place and available in real time.
  • Complete overview of available inventory space.
  • Secure user profile & permission management. 
  • Connect outside Data Management Platforms.
  • Efficient 1st party data management and monetization.
  • Easy integrations with popular ad servers and exchanges.
  • Available for your whole team, from finance to ad ops. 

Complete Digital Audio Industry Solution

Increase efficiencies and drive sales with the ADvendio's Salesforce powered solution.

Self-Service Digital Audio Advertising

Our self-serve solution, companies have access to a white-labelled, adaptable and fully scalable platform. Advertisers can easily manage campaign bookings and performance from one portal.

All-in-One Digital Audio Ad Sales Management

Smart automation and creative Lightning flows can automate client requests, transactional data sync, billing, and reconciliation. Hands-on advertising activities can be simplified to free up time for customer relationships.

Centralized Digital Audio Campaign Management

All data saved in one place. The information you need to make your campaigns a success is at your fingertips with data on run-times, contracts, client and agency information, ad inventory and reporting all easily accessible. 

Real-Time Information for Digital Audio Advertising

With a live booking calendar, view everything in real time, including all-time based items, such as podcast sales which are readily available. Never double book an ad inventory again with predefined ads specs and rate cards.

360-Degree View for the Entire Company

With all of your podcast advertising data in one place, you'll get a 360-degree picture of all your revenue streams. The ADvendio platform helps you to reconcile transactional data to stay on top of digital audio ad sales success. You may develop reports to extract actionable knowledge by visualizing data in easy-to-understand dashboards.

Looking for a smart digital audio advertising management solution?

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