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Salesforce Powered Advertising Management Software for Online Retail

Manage your entire business processes for online retail end-to-end in one holistic platform.

Designed for the Online Retail Advertising Industry

Our solution helps to bring order and harmonization to fragmented online retail ad sales activities.

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  • From order to invoice, all business processes are covered.
  • All campaign data available in one centralized hub.
  • Reduce manual tasks with our self-service platform.
  • Easily manage the sale of sponsored product listings.
  • Complete 360’ view on available inventory.
  • Overview of all financial and accounting data.

Online Retail Advertising Solution List

Improve process efficiencies and enhance campaign effectiveness with our all-in-one solution.

Self-Service Advertising

ADvendio's configurable, scalable, white-labeled solution provides your retail business with immediate access to an intuitive, attractive UI and advanced back end technology right out of the box, allowing you to increase sales efficiency and lower expenses.

Online Retail Ad Inventory Management

Easily view all available, reserved, and offered ad specifications in real-time. Your salespeople will have simple access to precise pricing on demand thanks to our rate cards, dynamic pricing rules, and Yield Management capabilities.

Media Buying for Online Retail

You may boost scalability without a large capital investment by eliminating manual labor and automating operations such as reconciliation and billing, to focus on campaign optimization and client interactions with our solution.

Optimize Sponsored Listing Sales

Reduce the chance of double booking inventory with ADvendio’s live booking calendar, benefit from up to date availability information for all time-based products such as ‘deal of the day’ listings or sponsored newsletter appearances.

360° View of All Your Revenue Streams

With the benefit of having all your systems connected, your online retail advertising data is maintained in a single, integrated system, allowing you to see all of your revenue streams in one place. Including reconciliation of transactional data to stay on top of ad sales performance. By visualizing data in easy to read dashboards, you can create reports to extract actionable knowledge.

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