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Salesforce Powered Advertising Management Platform for Retail Media

An all-in-one solution to conveniently manage the buying and selling of advertising for your brick and mortar outlets as well as e-commerce stores.

Built for the Retail Media Industry

With ADvendio's Salesforce powered solution streamline campaign management.

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  • Integrations to ERP & Accounting systems.
  • Sell cross-channel ad campaigns with our self-serve solution.
  • Real-time data located in centralized reports and dashboards.
  • Streamline all advertising transactions form order to invoice.
  • Lightning Flows® and other cutting-edge technologies as standard.

Retail Media Solution List

 Enhance process efficiency and campaign effectiveness with our Salesforce powered advertising management platform for retail media.

Centralized Campaign Management

Improve operational efficiency with an all-in-one campaign management platform which enables you to keep all required campaign info in one location including, run times, contracts, client and agency details, inventory and reporting.

Organized Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory management with a real-time overview of available, reserved and offered retail ad specs. Allowing your team to book orders with a single click directly from your campaign manager. Avoiding the risk of double booking ad space.

Optimize Sponsored Listing Sales

Removing the risk of double bookings with ADvendio’s live booking calendar, you can ensure up to date availability information for all time-based products such as ‘deal of the day’ listings or sponsored newsletter appearances.


Customers can reserve their own ad inventory. From start to finish, ad operators have control over their campaign. With customers being welcomed by a user-friendly back-end technology with a white-labeled, adaptable, and scalable solution.

Seamless Reporting and Reconciliation

All your retail advertising data is stored within one interconnected system allowing you to obtain a 360° view of all your revenue streams. Including reconciliation of transactional data to stay on top of ad sales performance. Create reports to extract actionable intelligence by visualizing data in intuitive dashboards.

Looking for an all-in-one retail media solution?

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