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Salesforce Powered Ad Management Solution for Travel Booking Websites

Manage your travel advertising campaigns from start to finish with our out-of-the-box, smart software solution.

Built for the Travel Advertising Industry

Improve the management of travel media buying and selling with our all in one solution for campaign management.

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  • End-to-end solution covers you from order to invoice.
  • Integrations with ad servers and exchanges.
  • All your data in one location.
  • Tracking in real-time to help inform your decisions.
  • 360 degree view of all your revenue streams.
  • Access to the latest technologies including Lightning Flows®.

 Travel Website Ad Management Solution

With our Salesforce-powered solution, you can boost efficiency and drive increased sales utilizing a modern self-serve platform.

Centralized Management Hub

Easily handle additional travel advertising inquiries with smart ad sales tools including simple proposal generation, preset product bundles, pre-defined rate cards, on-demand availability details, and direct booking to linked ad servers. All of this is controlled by a single campaign management portal.

Manage your Travel Websites Media Buying and Selling

Modern automation and smart Lightning flows can automate important activities such as, client requests, transactional data sync, billing, and reconciliation. You can scale easily without large investment and by reducing manual labor you have time to focus on campaign optimization.

Easily Offer Time-Based or Subscription Deals

Set up subscription payment models for all your travel advertising inventory from linear to digital, and direct to programmatic. From the point of setting up the contract, automated processes can take care of creating orders, automatic renewals, automatically adjusting invoices, and more.

Self-Service Travel Advertising

Our self-serve ad platform gives in-house ad ops teams, from SMEs to large multinationals, end-to-end campaign management. The white-labeled, flexible, scalable solution provides your business with an appealing user interface and cutting-edge back-end technology right out of the box.

One Location for Your Data

ADvendio offers ad server, exchange, DMP, ERP, and accounting system interfaces, to connect the ADvendio solution to your external data systems. With clear reporting, reconciliation, timely billing, and on-demand access to data for all media channels, you have all the information in one solution to make informed decisions.

Need an advertising management solution for your travel booking website?

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