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Salesforce Powered Ad Management Solution for Real Estate

Complete campaign management of realtor advertising in ADvendio’s end-to-end holistic platform.

Built for the Real Estate Advertising Industry

Improve inefficient workflows with an ads management solution that centralizes realtor ad operations within one platform.

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  • ADvendio’s all in one solution covers you from order to invoice.
  • Easy integrations with ad servers and exchanges.
  • No more manual booking with ADvendio’s self-service offering.
  • End-to-end ad sales management in Salesforce.
  • All your advertising data is stored within one interconnected system.
  • Access to the latest technologies including Lightning Flows®.

Complete Real Estate Advertising Solution

With ADvendio's Salesforce-powered solution, you can improve process efficiency and campaign performance.

Centralized Ads Management Hub

With smart ad sales capabilities like simple proposal generation, preset product bundles, pre-defined rate cards, on-demand availability details, and direct booking to connected ad servers, you can handle more requests with ease.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Orders can be placed immediately from your campaign manager with a single click. Your salespeople will have quick access to precise pricing on demand thanks to ADvendio's rate cards, dynamic pricing rules, and yield management tools.

Real Estate Campaign management 

All-in-one campaign management, save all of your campaign data in one place, including run times, contracts, inventory and reporting. With contract lifecycle management features, you can swiftly alter price and order amounts.

Time-Based or Subscription Payment Models

Add subscription payment models for all types of ad inventory. From setting up the contract right through to adjusting invoices, everything is covered with smart automation available to take care of it all.

All Data in One Location

To bridge the gap between ADvendio and your data from external systems, ADvendio offers ad server, exchange, DMP, ERP, and accounting system interfaces. In terms of clear reporting, reconciliation, timely billing, and on-demand access to actionable intelligence for all media channels, having all relevant data from all channels provides many benefits.

Looking for a modern real estate advertising management solution?

Right now, we are certainly only scratching the surface of ADvendio’s full range of functions. However, the feedback from our staff is so positive that we want to integrate the solution even further ...

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