ADvendio Success Story with Publi Press Media

Publipress Media is ready for the Cross-Media era thanks to ADvendio

Publi Press Media

Publipress has found in ADvendio the optimal solution for its orders and sales processes resulting in increased efficiency in online advertising and more control across all campaigns.

Publipress Media, Catalonia’s first advertising sales house, is dedicated exclusively to Grupo Godo’s portfolio, including print, online and audiovisual media. It manages more than 30 advertising properties and can therefore take advantage of the synergies between them. The digital version of La Vanguardia, one of Publipress’ mainstays, receives over 8 million unique monthly users, whereas the online version of Mundo Deportivo has more than 4 million unique users per month. Therefore, with a single insertion in these sections, more than 10 million monthly active users can be reached.*

As a company dedicated exclusively to the sale of advertising space, Publipress Media was in need of a solution capable of unifying sales with advertising production, but with enough flexibility and adaptability to adjust to the existing structures and technology interfaces of the company. Given this context, the new system had to be able to standardize processes and facilitate the creation of purchase orders as well as their monitoring, with the clear aim to provide coherence and transparency to the advertising management process. To ease the generation of commercial proposals the solution needed to be integrated with Publipress’ ad server. Likewise, the incorporation of a customer validation filter was required to streamline invoicing. As ADvendio fulfilled all requirements, the decision for the new advertising management system was made.


The sales module: the key factor for Publipress Media

Among the services offered by ADvendio, the immediacy of the daily data updates for monitoring campaigns from the ad server – such as the number of clicks and impressions – has been key to the company. Juan Luís García, Media Operations and Invoicing Manager at Publipress, points out: “The ad operations team is no longer using 4 or 5 data sources. That’s a big win for us. Previously, we didn’t have an easy digital solution to check if a campaign has been successful or not”. Lluís Serra, Media Programmatic Manager at Publipress, adds, “In fact, being able to connect sales and production has been the main reason for choosing ADvendio. Furthermore, it offers sophisticated customization capabilities, allowing us to play with additional fields we are interested in or retrieving extra information, which we can later compare in order to add more value to our analyzes.”

The quote-to-cash cycle is practically closed

With the implementation of ADvendio Publipress Media wanted to achieve many goals: Optimization of processes, standardization of data entry and the facilitation of invoicing. Lluís Serra says: “Right now, processes are already standardized and the quote-to-cash cycle is practically closed (…). The best is, that ADvendio allows us to make instant changes that have an immediate positive impact on the day-to-day business. If we made a mistake, a product varies, or any other initiative needs to be taken care of, we can make the according changes within ADvendio in less than a minute. This way, the entire ad operations team can automatically start operating with the new product. Being able to create a product for any device and any site in just five minutes is great.”


Facilitating invoicing

Juan Luís García also states, “In addition, customers that we create in SAP are automatically exported to ADvendio, where we check whether they have any payment problem (…) in the management status. The purchase order will not be validated until ADvendio notifies if the client is able to publish or not, thus minimizing the risks and delays in payments”. Lluís Serra adds, “The drama of the final invoice settlement, a tension and nervous breakdown resulting from not having complied with the customers and products validations, has been broken down to easily handled daily business that favours the monitoring and control of campaigns (…). Now this process has improved and the task has been distributed throughout the month, thus lessening the pressure. Currently, the process starts with operations and not vice versa, allowing the team to have a global vision.”

Getting the entire team on board

Although the sales team initially feared the change to ADvendio, because it involved the implementation of an entirely new system from one day to the next, they soon found that thanks to the new solution they had a greater control over campaigns. As noted by Juan Luís García, “After the initial introduction, the entire ad operations department is much more relaxed. With the daily use of ADvendio the team has experienced how it helps them in their day-to-day duties and also acts as a connecting link between them and the production system. That is something they did not have before.” Likewise, Publipress highlighted the strong support received from KaizenStep, which was described as crucial for speeding up ADvendio’s implementation processes.


Heading towards zero discrepancy

At present, Publipress Media can conduct daily monitoring on digital advertising production, allowing it to improve the circuits and adding intermediate validations in order to provide fluidity to the advertising management. Invoicing incidents have decreased with the stabilization of the solution and as Juan Luís García notes, “The issues that existed before due to the discrepancies between the production, sales and invoicing data have not been completely eliminated due to the large volumes we work with, but I can truly say that we are heading towards zero discrepancy.” After the adaptation period to ADvendio, Juan Luís García points out, “We are starting to pull data to analyze sales and we really have achieved added value which we could not previously tab into.” He summarizes, “I am very happy with ADvendio, it is a powerful solution.”

Towards the full integration of ADvendio in Publipress Media

The next steps include the short-term challenge of integrating new responsive publishing sites, thus going from managing one web product and one App product through ADvendio to three web products and two App products which, as indicated by Juan Luís García, “will add complexity to the management, but we are confident that ADvendio will help us to simplify this process.” In the medium term, Publipress strives to take advantage of ADvendio’s reporting ability in order to create and establish measurement tools with the aim to facilitate the operations department tasks.

In the long-term, with ADvendio being the current partner of the online business, the idea is to integrate ADvendio as future supplier of the print division of the group as well, which would require including Publipress Media’s entire structure in its system. The comprehensive solution for advertising management has been implemented with success and ADvendio continues being an official partner of Publipress Media’s digital campaigns.