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ADvendio's programmatic advertising software improves ad revenue for direct & programmatic advertising.

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Programmatic Advertising Success

Manage all products, audiences, and engagement across all programmatic and linear channels seamlessly.

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  • Integrate all your advertising channels in one platform.
  • 100% clarity of your cross-media finances.
  • Submit offers directly to all integrated DSPs and SSPs.
  • Live campaign data tracking and reporting.
  • Effortlessly adjust campaign settings based on real-time data.
  • Increased transparency of all your transactional data.
  • Easily create personalized reports and dashboards.
  • Integrate with leading ad servers and exchanges instantly.

Programmatic Challenges

Streamline your digital ad management with ADvendio’s programmatic advertising software.

Multiple Ad Tech platforms

Manage all your DSPs, SSPs and exchanges from a single comprehensive programmatic advertising software.

Lack of Transparency

Optimize your programmatic inventory with up-to-date pricing and market demand data.

Slow & Manual Processes

With ADvendio's programmatic advertising software, you can automate all your core digital media ad management processes.

Commercial Reporting

Connect your ad servers and exchanges to easily analyze campaign data in a centralized hub.

Compatible With Your Systems

With our powerful integrations, you can connect with your existing ERP and CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Hubspot, and Salesforce at once. Instantly add your current ad servers, exchanges and accounting systems to manage all your advertising data from one place, including live campaign tracking, invoicing and reporting.

CRM Integrations

About ADvendio

Over the years, ADvendio has developed its SaaS platform to become the best programmatic advertising software. Publishers, advertisers, and agencies may use ADvendio's out-of-the-box capabilities to automate the purchasing and selling of advertising inventory across all media channels. With locations in Germany, the United States, Ireland, and Chile, ADvendio is the backbone of direct and programmatic advertising for top media businesses in more than 25 countries.

Programmatic Advertising Software Demo

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