Programmatic Advertising Platform Powered by Salesforce

Salesforce Powered Programmatic Advertising Platform

Optimize direct & programmatic advertising productivity and revenue in ADvendio's programmatic advertising platform.

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Programmatic Advertising Success

Holistically manage all products, audiences, and engagement across programmatic and linear channels.

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  • Consolidate your key advertising channels in one system.
  • Full transparency of your cross-media financials.
  • Place deals directly into all integrated DSPs & SSPs.
  • Real-time measurement and reporting of campaign data.
  • Easily make data-driven campaign adjustments in real-time.
  • Greater transactional data transparency across your ad tech stack.
  • Create custom reports and dashboards effortlessly.
  • Seamless integrations to leading ad servers and exchanges.

Programmatic Challenges

ADvendio's programmatic advertising platform to streamline your digital ad management in Salesforce. 

Multiple Ad Tech platforms

Manage all of your DSPs, SSPs and Exchanges from one integrated programmatic advertising platform.

Lack of Transparency

Benefit from market price and market demand data on your programmatic inventory.

Slow & Manual Processes

Automate key ad management processes for all your digital media with ADvendio's programmatic advertising platform.

Commercial Reporting

Visualize your programmatic data and easily extract actionable intelligence with powerful reporting.

Programmatic Advertising Platform


Deliver cross-media experiences to your users with ease by seamlessly integrating with the most popular ad servers and exchanges including Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel, AppNexus, AdsWizz and more to make it easy to centralize, cleanse and standardize your most important business data. Seamlessly assign all programmatic campaign data to the relevant customer, publisher, or media owner’s account to build a profile of their historical financial activity. Use this data to identify purchasing patterns and calculate optimal inventory price points within your market ensuring effective future campaigns.

About ADvendio

About ADvendio

Over the years, ADvendio has developed its SaaS platform to become the best Salesforce-powered programmatic advertising platform. Publishers, advertisers, and agencies may use ADvendio's out-of-the-box capabilities to automate the purchasing and selling of advertising inventory across all media channels. With locations in Germany, the United States, Ireland, and Chile, ADvendio is the backbone of direct and programmatic advertising for top media businesses in more than 25 countries.

Programmatic Advertising Platform Demo

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