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Print Media Ad Management Software

Our solution is used by global newspaper and magazine publishers as a media planning tool that improves workflows by automating manual tasks.

Built for the Print Media Industry

Improve reporting data by connecting your ad servers and exchanges to a centralized hub.

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  • Easily integrates with all leading ad servers and exchanges.
  • Complete ad management in one solution.
  • Increased visibility of sold and unsold ad inventory. 
  • Optimize ad prices quickly from one centralized dashboard.
  • Reduce the risk of double entry or errors from using excel spreadsheets.

Print Media Solution List

Designed for managing cross-channel campaigns, our solution can help you improve process efficiency and effectiveness. 

Increased Visibility

Publishers have more visibility over ad revenues from our centralized hub and can see where they need to focus more time developing strategies to make improvements. They also have access to forecasted revenues and revenues can be split by product to understand costs and margins.

Improved Workflows

Workflows can be automated to allow teams time to focus on more important tasks such as client relationships. From order creation to invoicing there are standard advertising tasks which no longer need to be completed by your team with the ADvendio print media solution.


With our solution publishers enjoy better reporting from having ad servers and ad exchanges connected under one software, in a centralized hub. It makes it easier to report on campaign performance and make adjustments quickly.

Inventory Management

This all-in-one solution allows publishers to have a complete overview of what ad inventory they have available to sell and what is already sold. Publishers can offer discounts to advertisers to sell less popular advertising placements at any time.

Connects With Your Systems

The ADvendio print media advertising management software, allows you to integrate with popular ERP and CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Hubspot, and Salesforce with ease. With one centralized hub, you'll be able to look after all of your important advertising data, including campaign performance tracking, billing, and reporting in real time.

CRM Integrations

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