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Omnichannel Ad Management System

ADvendio’s quick-to-value Salesforce-based omnichannel ad management system offers media-specific enhancements for the world’s leading CRM platform.

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    Designed for Advertising Success

    ADvendio is a 100% native solution built and operated on the® platform that is simple to set up for both new and existing Salesforce users.

    media buying, self service
    • Fully flexible to satisfy the needs of your unique advertising process.
    • Product enhancements on a monthly basis with guided deployment. 
    • Comprehensive ad tech integrations with regularly available updates.
    • Remote and self-implementation opportunities available. 
    • Future proof solution with low maintenance costs. 
    • Work with independent, third-party partners and consultants.
    • Merge with existing Salesforce instances or full greenfield developments.

    Omnichannel Ad Management Challenges

    Streamline your end-to-end advertising sales process in Salesforce with ADvendio’s omnichannel ad management system.

    Manual & Ineffective Processes

    Save time spent on manual repetitive processes by standardizing and automating workflows. Including deal creation and execution, campaign creative upload and assignment, campaign optimization requests and execution, payment collection, invoice downloading, and more.

    Difficulties optimizing omnichannel inventory management

    With our live booking calendar, you can avail of real-time information on available, reserved and offered ad spaces across all channels. Avoid overbooking by guaranteeing that all time-based goods have up-to-date availability information.

    Inefficient and manual prospect management

    All customer data and interactions are visible from every angle. With intelligent features like media search, campaign configuration, commercial optimizer, and process automation, you can deliver offers to your clients that properly fit their needs and adapt flexibly to changes.

    Poor visibility of omnichannel advertising activities

    Benefit from intelligent reporting & analytics functionalities to analyze inventory performance. Increase yield by gaining an understanding of your best-performing inventory across all channels thanks to the powerful analysis of historical inventory data.

    Compatible With Your Systems

    Connect to all of your external systems to easily centralize, cleanse, and standardize your most important business data in Salesforce. Integrate with your preferred ad servers, ad exchanges, accounting, and ERP systems with ease. Our pre-built ad tech integrations are frequently maintained, which means you'll always have the most up-to-date version of your integration without having to pay for maintenance or development.

    CRM Integrations
    About ADvendio

    About ADvendio

    ADvendio has developed its Salesforce-based platform to become the best media-sepecific omnichannel ad management system. Publishers, advertisers, and agencies use ADvendio's out-of-the-box capabilities to automate the buying and selling of advertising inventory across all media channels. With locations in Germany, the United States, Ireland, and Chile, ADvendio is the backbone of omnichannel advertising for top media businesses in more than 25 countries.

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