With less than a month until Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce’s biggest and best event of the year, the ADvendio team are excited to meet with partners, customers and prospects in San Francisco. With Dreamforce preparations, new product enhancements and the onboarding of new hires, October has flown by.

Here’s what we have been up to this month:

Meet ADvendio at Dreamforce 2019

With Dreamforce just around the corner, ADvendio are excited to be attending the biggest Salesforce event of the year in San Francisco from November Tuesday 19th until Friday 22nd.

Will you be attending? If so, we would love to catch up.

Our Month in Review: October 2019 Advendio

New Product Enhancements

At ADvendio, we make continuous optimizations to our ad management software. As customers are our highest priority, our enhancements focus on improving the user experience and integration with the market’s top ad servers and ad exchanges.

Our latest features and enhancements include:

ADvendio’s Self Service Portal

We have taken important steps for the future of our Self Service features. We have enabled one of our core components, check availability of AdServer related products, to be accessed via an API from outside of Salesforce. This improvement is part of our future plan to help you build self-service solutions so that your clients can figure exactly which products they need and send this information directly to you.

If you want to learn more about ADvendio’s self-service portal, please contact your Technical Account Manager or [email protected] so that we can help you take part in this exciting change.

FreeWheel API Depreciation

Your current FreeWheel API connection will no longer be supported after December as FreeWheel is removing Ad Unit v1 API and Forecasting v3 API from production. Therefore we advise that you upgrade your ADvendio version in order to maintain your FreeWheel API connection, as ADvendio now uses all new Ad Unit API v4 and Forecasting API V4.

Amount Calculation, Media Configuration, and Net Calculator

The latest version of ADvendio brings the much-anticipated improvement as requested by many of our customers. Version 2.117 now provides you with the ability to configure decimal places for sales prices. This improvement allows for setting more granular sales prices, in particular for billing categories such as CPCV and then have this granular sales price reflected throughout the different features within ADvendio.

More information regarding the set up of sales price decimals feature is available on our wiki.

VAT Handling

Meeting taxation requirements is now easier and more convenient with the ADvendio’s latest improvement of handling VAT and GST. With the new enhanced ability, you can now handle the creation of Media Campaigns where the applicable VAT buyer is someone other than the debtor which tends to be the default. This new feature setting can be created to set up one field for the applicable VAT buyer or even implement a hierarchy.

To learn more on our latest features and improvements please see our release notes or simply contact our sales team with your questions.

Globally Growing Team

We are delighted to welcome Kevin Kloss to the ADvendio team. Kevin is currently also completing his studies with the Nordakademie in the area of Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.). He will be based in the Hamburg office and will work on the development team.

Welcome to the team, Kevin!