From attending Dreamforce 2019, continued product enhancements and features, new hires and the celebration of the ADvendio product turning nine years old, it has been a busy month for all at ADvendio.

Here’s what we have been up to this month:

ADvendio Attended Dreamforce 2019

Members of the ADvendio team joined more than 170,000 attendees at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco. Dreamforce is a hugely diverse event with many large corporations across multiple industries gathering together for one of the largest tech conferences in the world. Over the 4-day period, approximately 2,700 sessions and workshops were delivered across multiple industries.

The ADvendio team were delighted to have attended and Samantha Giaver, Account Manager North America said “my first Dreamforce was an amazing experience and the 4 days are hard to put into words. Between the enlightening keynotes and sessions I attended, and all the incredible people I had the chance to meet with, I feel more inspired and more confident than ever in ADvendio as part of the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Our Month in Review: November 2019 Advendio

New Product Enhancements

At ADvendio, we make continuous optimizations to our ad management software. As customers are our highest priority, our enhancements focus on improving the user experience and integration with the market’s top ad servers and ad exchanges.

Our latest features and enhancements include:

Targeting Sets

Our new ADvendio feature will drastically improve the life of your sales reps, as it offers you the possibility to set up predefined targeting sets that can be assigned to campaign items with the push of a button. The easy-to-use configuration will save time and effort by eliminating the need to manually configure all targeting criteria. The option to choose individual names for each set improving communication with your customers.

We will be releasing a beta version in order to help you to create targeting sets so you can begin working with them.

Invoicing Email Process

The latest version of ADvendio brings a much-requested improvement by our customers. You will now have the ability to email invoices to many recipients as part of the process so that you can automatically notify your finance department, account manager or other interested parties by sending a copy of the invoice email.

Pre-invoicing Automation

Automated Pre-invoicing enables you to streamline and accelerate the management of pre-invoices. Version 2.118 makes pre-invoice automation even more secure by allowing you to select which recipients are to be notified via the job results email. This way, the right people are alerted when an automation problem occurs, enabling direct action and problem solving for the appropriate media campaigns. This is a particularly useful improvement for customers who are managing multiple legal entities within one Salesforce org.

Accounting Interface Optimization

We have made various optimizations to the accounting interface. The latest improvements has enhanced the entry criteria with the addition of excluding options on campaign item level which provides you with the flexibility to exclude certain items from the Accounting Record Creation processes. Additionally, the processes now look at the relevant Ad Type to determine whether it is necessary to wait for delivery data to create Accounting Records, meaning records will only be created if and when the information is available.

To learn more about our latest features and improvements please see our release notes or simply contact our sales team with your questions.

ADvendio Product Turns Nine Years Old

Happy birthday to the ADvendio product which turned 9 this month! A huge thank you to our customers, partners, and employees who have supported us in reaching this milestone, and who help us to continually develop the best possible ad revenue management solution for modern advertisers and publishers.Our Month in Review: November 2019 Advendio

Globally Growing Team

We are delighted to welcome Robert Varga to the ADvendio team. Robert joins the team as UK Sales and Head of Global Partner Management at ADvendio. With years of senior sales expertise having worked for a number of companies including Integral Development Corp and Bloomberg, we are excited to have Robert on board.

Welcome to the team, Robert!