Mobile Lite is a free and restricted version of Salesforce Mobile that is available to any user who doesn’t have a mobile license. Mobile Lite gives you access to some standard objects, and synchronizes records you recently accessed, and you can search for records that were not automatically downloaded to your device.

Mobile Lite users can view, create, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, events and tasks. They also have access to their dashboards and Chatter feeds.

The mobile application can run on BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile operating systems, and it’s supported by virtually all wireless carriers—if the device can establish a data connection to the internet, it can typically run the mobile application. Recently-released mobile devices may not be immediately supported because every device goes through the official certification and quality assurance process.

With Mobile Lite and using Chatter in the mobile application on your BlackBerry or iPhone, you have the possibility to stay connected with coworkers, if you’re away from your desk. Chatter is automatically available in Mobile Lite and doesn’t require setup for Mobile Lite users.