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Media Buying Solutions for Agencies

Easily manage your cross-channel ad campaigns in our Salesforce powered solution.

Developed with Agencies in Mind

A media buying solution for agencies to deliver effective campaigns to customers.

ad management agencies
  • A platform for ad management that is ready to use right away.
  • Store key ad data in one place with a Salesforce powered CRM.
  • Live performance data for direct & programmatic ad campaigns.
  • From order to invoice, streamline all advertising activities.
  • Create sophisticated custom reports and dashboards with ease.
  • Easily integrate with popular ad servers and exchanges.

Solutions for Media Buying Agencies

The Media Buying solution from ADvendio helps agencies improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Complete Control

All of your buying actions may be set up, executed, optimized, and reported on from one single system. Providing complete transparency over your direct and programmatic buying channels.

Data-Driven Transparency

Store and manage all customer and transactional data in a single, secure location to provide cost transparency and easily calculate ROI.

Organized Data

Import your media inventory and operate with a well-organized database. Easily create and modify ad campaigns and generate proposals and orders with a single click. 

Understand your Exchange Data

ADvendio cleans, enhances, and visualizes your transactional data from third-party sources to provide a clear overview of your agencies buying activities from multiple integrated DSP’s.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate with Google Ad Manager, Google Display & Video 360, FreeWheel, Smart AdServer, Xandr, AdsWizz, and other prominent ad servers and exchanges. Our scalable media buying solution allows agencies to link media buying data flows to ADvendio in an organized format, including direct booking for integrated ad servers and exchanges.

Looking for a modern media buying solution? 

Campaign line items are maintained in one location rather than on inaccurate, insecure excel spreadsheets. One of the biggest benefits is efficiency and accuracy of reporting, with revenue and pipe reports available on dashboards within two clicks ...

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