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Salesforce Powered OMS for Ad Operations 

An intelligent order management solution used by the best-known Publishers and Media Companies. 

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Volta Charging

Smarter Campaign Management

Efficiently deliver premium advertising campaigns with ADvendio's all-in-one management software.

  • Flexible pricing rule configuration e.g. surcharges and discounts.
  • Create predefined ad product packages. 
  • Streamline the order to invoice management process.
  • View all of your cross media ad inventory in real-time.
  • Intelligent reporting and dashboards to identify insights & trends.
  • Seamlessly integrate your ad servers and exchanges.

Key OMS Features

Booking Calendar

Optimize inventory management by viewing available, reserved and offered ad specs in real-time with the ADvendio booking calendar functionality. 

Commercial Optimizer

Use the commercial optimizer to freely adjust running media campaigns. Changes to invoices are then automatically processed and updated.

Delivery Data

Receive regular automated reports from your connected Ad Tech systems on both direct and programmatic campaign performance from delivered ad impressions to clicks.

Direct Deals

Automate selling of ad inventory by coordinating programmatic direct deals from your central ad sales hub. Keep track of all your ad sales channels in one system.

You're Connected 

Deliver cross-media experiences to your users with ease by seamlessly integrating with the most popular ad servers and exchanges including Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel, AppNexus, AdsWizz and more. This enables you to simply execute and track programmatic advertising activities across a broader digital ecosystem.

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Streamline your Ad Operations

Let’s discuss how ADvendio’s all-in-one software can maximize your advertising revenue.

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