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Comprehensive Invoice management and accounting.

Finance Advendio

One system to connect orders with billing information

Conveniently connect enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks, Sage and Xero to streamline the booking to billing process for advertising campaigns. This information is stored in ADvendio and readily available for invoice creation to direct transfer into connected systems.

Finance Solutions List

ADvendio’s billing features allow publishers and media companies to efficiently manage the complete finance process.

Automated Invoices

The ADvendio Billing module lets you create with one click pre-invoice records containing the respective delivery data, payment interval and terms, and recipient’s information, as well as automatically creating and sending invoices.

Accounting & Analytics

Get a complete picture of your ad specs and customer performance with everything you need in one place. Maximize the effectiveness of your campaign planning by analyzing the financial data after billing.

Easy Cancellation

With ADvendio adjusting campaign positions or canceling media campaigns is simple and time-efficient. Annul single campaign items or complete campaigns that have already been invoiced and immediately create a credit note for the next billing period.

Billing Runs

Get an overview of all the invoices for your chosen billing period, find the right documents easily using the invoice search function, and immediately set a print job for all invoices.

Consistent Data Flow

Say goodbye to multiple systems and complex data transfers. With ADvendio, your data is stored in one central database and all departments work within the same system. This way you benefit from a consistent data flow through the sales, order and billing process.

Mass Invoice Creation

Use your time more effectively with the ADvendio’s billing. Utilizing the mass invoice creation function, invoices for different accounts are generated at the same time and multiple emails are sent to the respective recipients with just a few clicks.


Use commitments to structure the financial agreements between you and all parties you are conducting business with. Easily set the planned advertising spend or turnover which is necessary to set discounts to managing agency commissions and earnings.

Revenue Recognition

Divide share of revenue with internal or external inventory owners and partners for direct & programmatic with ease. Pull delivery data directly from connected ad servers & exchanges to ensure accurate calculation & payout of shares via the automated wizard. Including automatic creation of credit notes for external parties.

Finance Advendio

Benefit from automated delivery data

With integrated ad servers and ad exchanges agencies, publishers, advertisers, and media companies can automatically receive regular reports containing information on their direct and programmatic campaign performance. These reports will contain key data such as ad impressions or clicks which is important for billing and accounting purposes.

Finance Advendio
Finance Advendio

Streamline your ad management finances

ADvendio’s advertising management software supports you through all stages of the advertising process. It helps you answer to your customers’ RFPs, create proposals, get a campaign up and running, and send out invoices. By using automation, you can stop spending time on unnecessary steps and focus on the most important parts of your work.

Finance Advendio

Enhance your commitments fulfilment

Using multiple ad exchanges and ad servers often result in a fragmented view of the customer's fulfilment as there is a lack of transparency of what ad inventory the customer has bought and at what price. With ADvendio, pricing agreements and contracts can be tracked in real time while the price per item is automatically calculated. Furthermore, fulfilment visibility is readily available for each commitment at any given time.

Finance Advendio

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Finance Advendio

Moving Media Basel AG improves its complex selling process

Finance Advendio

Built on Salesforce®

Finance Advendio

Tina Jensen

Aller Media

It has been fantastic to see how fast the users have adapted to ADvendio and the Salesforce Platform. The sales reps have quickly understood how to create their advertisement orders in the system.

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