Hristina Nikolaeva joins the ADvendio global sales team as an Account Manager where she will be working closely with our EMEA & North American Sales team, with a focus on the US and UK regions.

Hristina graduated from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and went on to also complete a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications from Botevgrad’s International Business School in 2016. Since then, Hristina has gained experience in many areas of the telecommunications industry, in positions such as sales, customer relationship management, and customer service.

Recently we caught up with her to learn more about the journey that has brought her to her new role in ADvendio as an account manager for our international markets.

Tell us about your background

I have two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Philosophy and another in Marketing and Communications with a specialty in Social Media Marketing. They both help me in my day to day life as well as my job, but not in the way that I would have thought but rather in various ways such as reading people and situations, as well as, gaining a better understanding of my clients’ goals and business vision for the future from both a psychological and advertising perspective.

My previous sales experience was with BT, the largest telecommunications company in the UK. I was with them for over 5 years in a sales role moving from bottom to top. I started as a landscaper (cold calling 120+ calls a day) after that I was quickly promoted to Sales Executive and after another year to Senior Sales Specialist which accounted for the majority of my time there.

Do you speak any additional languages?

My native language is Bulgarian but I speak English as well.

What is it that you enjoy the most about working in sales?

The thrill of closing a deal and the negotiation process are two parts of sales that I really enjoy and this is what gives me the motivation to do what I do.

How do you think your previous experience has prepared you for your role with ADvendio?

As a salesperson I believe sales is sales, regardless of the product but if you are trying to sell something with multiple layers and as many functionalities as ADvendio’s product you definitely need some sort of technical knowledge, which I believe my background is providing.

I have experience in talking to medium and large organizations and various levels within them, as I was selling complex on-site and Cloud-based solutions involving multiple elements as well as configurations and integrations which I think is very similar to what I will be doing in ADvendio.

Living and working in London while being part of a global team sounds very standard, however, I am very excited to work with clients from UK/EUROPE and the US, as this is something new to me. I am extremely interested in learning and exploring how people in different countries respond to different selling techniques and of course learning how I can best support our customers in each of these very different areas.

What expectations do you have for this new role in ADvendio?

My expectations are to grow my career, knowledge, and understanding about the product and media industry as well as to exceed all goals and targets in the same manner as I`ve done until now in both my life and career.

I am excited to travel, meet clients across the globe and be an excellent representation of ADvendio’s brand and vision for the future. It is exciting to be part of an ever-growing and developing company and represent a product that is flexible and accommodating to its users.

It was great to chat with Hristina about her career journey to date and to learn more about her experiences working with cloud-based solutions. Hristina is now looking forward to developing her knowledge of the media industry and representing the ADvendio brand across UK/ Europe and the US. We are looking forward to seeing Hristina grow into her role with ADvendio in the coming months.