DSM Replacement Checklist

An evaluation document to help you replace DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM)

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Start the DSM replacement evaluation process today with our downloadable checklist.

Google DSM deprecation countdown

DSM Checklist Advendio


Google is discontinuing the development of DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM) and it comes in to full affect on 7/31/2019. This means that you are now just months away from the discontinuation of this platform so planning for such an eventuality is a must for all publishers and media companies.

To assist you with your preparation we have created a comprehensive 9 page evaluation checklist which considers the entire ad sales management process. Get our must have document today and start your DSM planning.

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DSM Checklist Advendio
DSM Checklist Advendio
DSM Checklist Advendio
DSM Checklist Advendio

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