Erica Winter joins the ADvendio global development team as a Sales Operations Executive where she will be working closely with our EMEA & North American Sales team.

With a bachelor’s degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and a minor in Linguistics from the University of Colorado, Erica has gained experience working with different client-facing settings. Most recently she was positioned as a financial editor on a large financial services company’s content editorial and digital marketing team. This involved her assisting with the creation and review of publications for the company’s finance and marketing departments, where her multicultural knowledge and communication skills were put to use.

Recently we caught up with her to learn more about the journey that has brought her to her new role in ADvendio as a Sales Operation Executive for our international markets.

Tell us about your background

I went to school to study speech pathology with a minor in linguistics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I’ve worked within the field with a focus in child language development, in particular with children with developmental disabilities and autism, and specifically within bilingual English-Spanish communities. Outside of the field, I have worked in several different client-facing settings, including working as a financial editor within the content editorial and digital marketing team for a large financial services company.

Do you speak any additional languages?

I also speak Spanish in addition to English.

Why are you interested in sales development?

I am looking forward to working in sales development because I think it will help to deepen my familiarity with the industry and provide me with the skills necessary to advance in my role. I have enjoyed working with the different sales representatives so far because it’s given me insight into different approaches and methodologies toward sales, which I think in turn will aid in further contextualizing my role within the company as I move forward.

How do you think your previous experience has prepared you for your role with ADvendio?

I think my previous experience has given me perspective on the importance of intentional communication, particularly in multicultural and multilingual settings. Both my experience working with clients across different time zones and getting an introduction to digital marketing helped prepare me for this role and gave context to different aspects of ADvendio’s workflow and environment.

What expectations do you have for this new role in ADvendio?

I would like to expand my knowledge of the industry as much as possible in order to be able to become a valuable asset to the team. I’d like to use my fresh perspective and newfound knowledge to contribute to the sales team’s strategies whenever possible in order to continue to increase the customer base and improve efficiencies. I expect this position to be one of continual growth opportunities and I am looking forward to making progress.

It was a pleasure to speak with Erica about her professional journey to date and to learn more about her experiences working with international teams. Erica is now eager to develop her knowledge of the media industry and support our global sales team with in-depth market research. We are looking forward to seeing Erica grow into her role with ADvendio in the coming months.