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Village Media Transforms Operations and Drives Growth with ADvendio

Village Media, a rapidly growing digital media company, has revolutionized its sales and ad operations with ADvendio. We spoke with Jake Cormier, Director of Finance & Operations at Village Media, to learn more about their journey with ADvendio and the significant impact it has had on their business.

Experience with ADvendio

“When we first started using ADvendio, we weren’t at all familiar with the Salesforce platform. It was an intense learning experience in the first couple of years to customize the system to align with our processes,” Jake shared. “We are now a lot more knowledgeable and confident with Salesforce, so any new customizations and changes are a lot more straightforward. However, with the rapid pace of innovations and improvements from the ADvendio team, we haven’t needed to do much of our own development.”

Achievements and Outcomes

ADvendio has been instrumental in streamlining Village Media’s operations. “ADvendio has made the management of our entire sales and ad operations pipeline immensely more efficient compared to our previous systems. As our company has grown and we’ve added more publications, ADvendio has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in staffing costs that would have been needed to handle our old manual order management and ad trafficking processes,” Jake noted.

Overcoming Challenges

Transitioning to ADvendio helped Village Media overcome significant operational challenges. “ADvendio helped us evolve beyond our old, inefficient, form and document-based order management, and manual ad trafficking. The growth of our company in the past five years wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t moved to the efficient, centralized order management solution offered by ADvendio.”

Business Growth and Success

The partnership with ADvendio has been a key factor in Village Media’s impressive growth. “Our company has doubled in size in the past five years, which coincides with when we began using ADvendio. This growth wouldn’t have been possible had we not improved the efficiency of our order management and ad operations processes with the help of ADvendio.”

Game-Changing Features

Several features of ADvendio have been particularly impactful for Village Media. “The connection to Google Ad Manager saves us untold hours of manual work every day thanks to the ability to generate orders and line items at the push of a button. Being built on the Salesforce platform is also a massive benefit, giving us enormous potential for customization and custom development to accommodate our own unique processes,” Jake explained.

Exceptional Customer Support and Exceeding Expectations

ADvendio’s support team has been a critical asset for Village Media. “ADvendio’s wiki is huge and well maintained, with detailed explanations on nearly every feature and component of the product. On the rare occasion the wiki doesn’t have the answer we need, ADvendio’s support team is impressively responsive and knowledgeable.”

ADvendio continues to surprise and exceed expectations. “ADvendio has so many different features, there are some we haven’t even looked at yet. We recently dug into the Price Rules feature and were impressed by how powerful and forward-thinking it is. This year, we are working on reorganizing our product inventory, and we’ll be utilizing Price Rules to greatly simplify it.”

Future Vision

Looking ahead, Village Media sees ADvendio as a cornerstone of their continued success. “We are continuing to build out more of our sales- and sales-adjacent processes in Salesforce, often using connections to our other external systems like credit card processing and accounting. Our goal is to have all of this data and these processes in Salesforce, for one source of truth, and with ADvendio at the heart of it,” Jake concluded.

ADvendio has been a transformative solution for Village Media, enabling them to streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive significant growth. With ADvendio’s innovative features and robust support, Village Media is well-positioned to continue its success in the evolving digital media landscape.

ADvendio’s CEO, Bernd Bube added, “We are thrilled to see the remarkable growth and efficiency gains Village Media has achieved with ADvendio. Their success story is a testament to the power of our platform and its ability to adapt to the unique needs of our customers. At ADvendio, we are committed to continuous innovation and providing the best tools and support to help our customers thrive in a rapidly evolving media landscape.”

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  • About: Village Media is a leading digital media company that operates a network of local news and information websites, providing communities with relevant, timely, and engaging content.


Our company has doubled in size in the past five years, which coincides with when we began using ADvendio. This growth wouldn’t have been possible had we not improved the efficiency of our order management and ad operations processes with the help of ADvendio.

Jake Cormier
Director of Finance & Operations at Village Media

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