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Just like other publishing houses, NZZ-Mediengruppe was faced with similar problems before the introduction of ADvendio. The procedures in the ad sales department for online advertising were only partially adapted to the digital world. This resulted in considerable manual effort from the Ad Sales Teams as well as a slow flow of information between advertisers, agencies and NZZ-Mediengruppe. Employees were, therefore, unable to work quite as efficiently as stipulated in the publishing house’s quality standards. Employee and customer dissatisfaction followed.

“All order-related information was managed by us in Excel spreadsheets, some in several at the same time, as is also still common in many publishing houses today. The error rate was naturally particularly high here for the transfer of information and booking procedures. It was not sustainable in the long term, and we needed a system which covered the entire advertising process for us,” states Remo Baumeler, Head of Digital Advertising at NZZ. In addition, there was an insufficient cost transparency which made it difficult for the Management Team to actually arrange resources and promote process optimization. “We needed a system which covered the entire advertising business process for us”

It was clear to the NZZ Management Board that modern advertising sales needed to be used in a different way to keep up-to-date with developments in the digital world. It was necessary to replace time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with a technical solution which would reduce unnecessary demands on employees. They could finally concentrate on their key responsibility of customer service. After an evaluation of the market and the various solutions available, a decision to choose ADvendio was quickly made. “It was obvious that ADvendio fulfilled all of our requirements, we didn’t hesitate for long,” says Remo Baumeler. “Some of our competitors spend years researching and testing various solutions which are nowhere near as efficient. ADvendio is built upon Salesforce® and offers a wide range of business activities for all important process steps in advertising sales. That’s what made the decision so easy. The implementation of ADvendio was completed in a few weeks.”

Prior to that, the advertising sales department at NZZ-Mediengruppe was already using the customer contact platform from Salesforce for electronic invoicing, but still remained detached from booking processes. ADvendio, therefore, provided the perfect addition to better utilize the benefits of the already established platform and further promote process automation. The cloud-solution for efficient advertising management for publishers and sales houses controls the entire business process in one application. From the first call to the customer to booking and invoicing as well as reporting, everything is automated via ADvendio. Further interfaces for third party providers can be integrated without difficulty and the report functions adjusted as desired.

Everything you need in one place

In the meantime, the advertising sales division at NZZ-Mediengruppe can review all relevant customer information, from agency information regarding previous orders to competitors’ activities. They can now identify and deal with customer needs promptly and on an individual basis. “At the beginning of implementation, there was still around 10-20 percent of the process operated using traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets. Today it is more like three percent,” Remo Baumeler explains. The booking processes are now executed a lot faster and with fewer errors.

Seeing the signs and staying up-to-date on a technical level

Against the backdrop of the fast pace of the online world, it was particularly important to NZZ-Mediengruppe to be able to react precisely and promptly to changes on the market. ADvendio provides the most important elements for this purpose: the flexibility to display changes quickly and the reliability of being able to efficiently copy all necessary processes. The publishing house is already making use of these benefits, amongst others, by upgrading interfaces to Real Time Advertising providers with whom it has been working closely with for over a year.

The change to ADvendio gained NZZ-Mediengruppe the position of Top Advertising Sales House in Switzerland in the current customer satisfaction survey produced by the media research agency d.core Switzerland. The consistent flow of information to customers, as well as the competency of the employees at the publishing house, have been positively highlighted in particular. “We are naturally extremely proud of this superb rating. ADvendio played an important role in this because if the employees are happy and working efficiently, then so are the customers,” says Remo Baumeler. “Time-consuming and frustrating work using antiquated systems is now finally becoming a thing of the past”

Nevertheless, further improvements could still be made to the service. The Head of Digital Advertising can still see a need for improvement in the Targeting and Reporting divisions. These divisions should also be better represented with ADvendio. Besides, the Video and Mobile Advertising divisions are becoming increasingly more important for NZZ-Mediengruppe. It is, therefore, crucial for the media group that ADvendio supports all types of cross-media advertising independent of the format it is in. “Time-consuming and frustrating work using antiquated systems is now finally becoming a thing of the past,” sums up Remo Baumeler. “We are living in a digital age and need to be making better use of the modern technology that is available. Many of the systems at other publishing houses are all but working in the Stone Age. The majority is automated in ours, and we don’t want to spend any more time missing out on the advantages of using ADvendio.”

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At the beginning of implementation, there was still around 10-20 percent of the process operated using traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets. Today it is more like three percent.

AudieNZZ AdvendioRemo Baumeler
Head of Digital Advertising

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