A strong partner on your side: ADvendio’s Consulting Services


Tailor ADvendio to your company’s individual needs

The on demand standard solution ADvendio already offers a multitude of basic functionalities specifically designed to meet advertising business workflows. But we know that this is not always enough to meet individual needs perfectly. Thanks to Salesforce’s underlying cloud platform, we can further expand ADvendio and develop a solution that is individually tailored to your needs.

As most of the common requirements are already included and our team of experienced consultants are experts for advertising business processes, we can offer shorter and more cost-effective projects. We accompany you from needs assessment to successful implementation. Once planning and customising are completed, we ensure that the system can be implemented seamlessly and works perfectly. Client-specific integrations and workflows are assessed in detail here, without interrupting your day-to-day business processes. Once the test phase has been completed, your company can easily switch over to the new system without interruption. We unify and automate your processes and dataflows over different application environments and enable you to have a system tailored perfectly to your needs that reflects and optimises your workflows.

Overview of our Consulting Services

Many costs in elaborate projects can be avoided with clearly defined concept planning. We support you at an early stage and develop a concept with you that starts by adapting the application to your individual needs. We analyse your business processes and determine the expectations and demands of the management and users of the system in order to adapt it to your individual needs and to be able to offer tools to further improve any special add-ons from the outset. You will then receive a detailed cost estimate and project plan from us that can be implemented without affecting your daily business processes. Once this has been completed, your company can easily switch over to the new system without interruption.



Adapt the system to your individual needs and your business logic. Receive full flexibility to match the solution to your processes. ADvendio can create an environment tailored to you that supports your workflow:



We offer you the opportunity to connect to other applications, as a broken information flow may lead to significant losses, particularly in sales and customer service. Linking all applications within one organisation is therefore an important step on the way to increased efficiency:

data migration

Data Migration

Migrating all data such as client information, including all linked tables, can pose a great challenge and may contain dangerous risks. We guarantee a high level of security and completeness when transferring your data:


Training And Workshop

Although ADvendio comes with an intuitive user interface, it’s important to train your team. In order to quickly familiarise your entire team with the system, we offer comprehensive workshops and training sessions: