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    End-to-end platform to support media companies

    Media companies often face the challenge of dealing with disconnected systems that hinder efficiency and productivity. Coordinating various aspects of the ad management process across multiple platforms can be a daunting task, leading to fragmented workflows and wasted resources. However, ADvendio’s platform streamlines these processes and provides a comprehensive solution.

    ADvendio serves as a centralized hub, integrating all the essential components of ad management into a unified platform. By consolidating disconnected systems, ADvendio eliminates data silos and allows for seamless collaboration and communication between different teams involved in the ad management process. This holistic approach brings about numerous benefits, including enhanced productivity, and reduced errors.

    By utilizing ADvendio, businesses can streamline their ad management processes, improve efficiency, make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.


    Increase your revenue and streamline your operations with our comprehensive ad management solution designed specifically for media groups to effortlessly optimize media buying and selling processes.

    Centralized hub

    Effortlessly oversee all your ad management processes from a single, centralized hub, while seamlessly integrating your ad tech into an all-in-one platform.



    Easily monitor monthly sales team performance and revenue recognition by tracking individual sales reps and teams, providing you with valuable visibility and accountability.

    Inventory Management

    Instantly know what inventory is booked or available to sell to automate inventory forecasting. Easily apply pricing models based on availability.

    “We love that ADvendio is customizable to our needs and can adapt as our business evolves. Initially, we were overwhelmed with the product as it is huge and we were on a tight deadline! However, working with Julian, Jannis, and the whole team, who took the time to guide us and took the time to understand our needs as we were making choices to best implement the tool, made our task so much easier.”

    Michelle Thibeault


    Discover how leading media companies worldwide are leveraging the power of ADvendio's all-in-one ad management software and experience the power of our comprehensive advertising management platform.

    Enhance your campaigns further with ADvendio's cutting-edge Media Integration API, providing you the flexibility to build custom integrations quickly and easily with media partners.

    Get in touch with ADvendio today to unlock the power of our end-to-end ad management software and drive your business forward.


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    *Leading ERP and CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP and Hubspot are also supported.

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