Charting Progress: Retail Media Benchmark Insights for Retailers 

Retail Report

Retail media is in its early stages, so retailers are still trying to figure out how to benchmark success.

To help you do that, ADvendio surveyed 50 senior US retail executives, spanning ecommerce, marketing and retail media professions, polled online on its behalf by Savanta in January 2024.

The report clarifies where the current benchmarks and KPI measurement trends . It also provides complementary insights from across the industry to amplify the business case you present to management.

In addition, you’ll find 18 strategies to support you in closing the gaps competitors have left wide open - so you can gain a competitive advantage.

ADvendio surveyed 50 senior US retail executives across ecommerce, marketing, and retail media professions in January 2024, polled by Savanta.

The report clarifies current benchmarks and KPI measurement trends and offers industry insights to strengthen your business case to management.

You'll also find 18 strategies to help you close gaps left by competitors, giving you a competitive edge.

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