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Meet our partner Blat Lapidot at “Salesforce Essentials Tel Aviv”

The all-new Salesforce Essentials Tel Aviv will take place on June 14th. Our partner Blat Lapidot – the only Salesforce Platinum Consulting Parter in Israel – will be on location with a team and is looking forward to your visit.

13 Jun 2016

Cloud Based Sales And Order Management Solution for Online Advertising

NO PROJECT – get started within days Optimize your ad sales workflow with an extensive ad server process integration Setting up a CRM and order management solution is usually a complex project that requires a lot of time and high implementation costs. Till now only companies with huge investment backups have been able to finance […]

12 Aug 2011

A genesis of cloud industry solutions with in the context of online advertising sales

A couple of weeks ago I had a web demo with Steve from presenting our based standard solution for online advertising sales. While appreciating it a lot to discuss and exchange our experiences in the media industry he incidentally classified our solution as a “Fourth generation cloud solution”. Being surprised for a while […]

20 May 2011

What is Cloud Computing?

New to Cloud Computing? Learn how the cloud based infrastructure facilitates your business workflows. This video explains the basics of Cloud Computing and why it’s faster, less complicated and reduces costs.

2 May 2011

Activity Tracking & History

Activities include tasks, calendar events, and requested meetings. You can define and track activities for many different objects, including campaigns and accounts. From the home tab, you can view, create, and edit events and tasks. You can also sync your Outlook or Lotus Notes tasks and events with ADvendio so they display in the My […]

29 Oct 2010

Integration with – Underlying Technique

We as a Salesforce solution provider and consultancy are using specific languages and frameworks to implement and customize To get a better understanding how we are working and how you can improve working with your account, we have created the Underlying Technique. It shows you in a quick overview which specific applications or […]

30 Jul 2009