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Why Hills Advertising selected ADvendio as their ad sales management solution

We are happy to announce that Hills Advertising L.L.C. has selected ADvendio as its advertising sales management solution. Hills was looking for an innovative product to support their vision to lead and actively develop the outdoor advertising market in the Middle East.

6 Jul 2016

Create Accounts and Contacts

Create accounts and contacts within minutes! This video shows you how to easily create accounts and contacts, so you can organize your customer interactions efficiently.

15 Apr 2012

Visit Reports

The visit report function enables you to create protocols of your events. You can enter information like meeting members, date, reason for the appointment, next steps, the meeting’s objectives and everything you’ve talked about. Visit report as perfect controll mechanism The function is particularly suited for your sales monitoring. You can either control the performance […]

20 Mar 2011

Total Account Revenues

Important Account Information At A Glance! ADvendio displays detailed revenue information of the past, future and present in your accounts, so you have important data at hand. See how the automatically calculated account revenue information depends on media campaigns.

20 Jan 2011

Excluded Placements

Smart Account Management! Exclude sites and placements of your portfolio for certain accounts. As a result, the blocked items will not be displayed in the media search when you plan a media campaign for this particular account.

20 Jan 2011

Activity Tracking & History

Activities include tasks, calendar events, and requested meetings. You can define and track activities for many different objects, including campaigns and accounts. From the home tab, you can view, create, and edit events and tasks. You can also sync your Outlook or Lotus Notes tasks and events with ADvendio so they display in the My […]

29 Oct 2010

Contact Management

Contacts are all of the individuals associated with your business accounts that you need to track in Under the contacts tab, you can quickly create, locate, sort and filter contacts. In addition, this tab lets you view and edit detailed information on each contact to which you have access. The contacts list page displays […]

28 Oct 2010

Account Management

Accounts are your organization’s advertisers, agencies, partners or competitors. Each account stores information such as name, address, and phone numbers, classification information like industry, annual revenue or KPI – Key Performance Indicators like turnover information of your agencies and clients. ADvendio offers standard fields in order to categorize your agencies or advertisers like turnover or […]

28 Oct 2010