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Great Tech Companies to Work For? Check out ADvendio

Are you interested in learning about great tech companies to work for? Look no further. ADvendio, a fast-growing technology company, has locations in Germany, Ireland and Chile. We produce an ad sales management platform, and our employees enjoy autonomy, collaboration, team-building, innovation and more.

11 Sep 2017

How an Advertising Sales CRM Saves Time

Like a customer management relationship system manages sales from lead to close, an advertising sales CRM helps publishers, advertiser owners and resellers better manage their ad campaigns from inventory and sales to ad operations and billing.

Having all of your information in a single system like this allows you to pull advanced analytics about your ad sales. How many banners did we sell? How many impressions did they receive? What kind of revenue did those bring for us? With ADvendio, all of that data is connected and available for all types of reporting and forecasting. But the benefits extend beyond that. Here are some important ways an advertising sales CRM improves your ad sales management process.

30 Aug 2017

Advendio Powers up Magazine Publishers in Singapore and Hong Kong

Expat Living publishes a series of magazines in print and digital form in Singapore and Hong Kong. Their media outreach includes both print and digital, lifestyle guides (e.g. City Guide, Kid’s Guide), websites and newsletters. They appeal to an upmarket, majority female audience, who have lived abroad for four to five years.

18 Jul 2017

Print Magazines

Seamlessly connect Print Publishing with Flatplanning

dataplan partnered with ADvendio to maximize the potential of their print publication solution, JournalDesigner, which speeds up the planning of magazines or newspapers. With the ADvendio ad sales app integrated – this means that the entire content, including all ad requirements – is streamlined into one workflow.

26 Jun 2017

How ADvendio Supports University Media Departments

Universities have special needs and unique challenges that differ from typical media organizations. From daily papers to websites, annual catalogs, rack ads, billboards, and radio, among others, they have a robust media catalog to manage. Universities also have the added challenge of student turnover and a limited full-time staff. We understand these challenges and help make the process easy.

23 Jun 2017

ADvendio Partners with Rubicon to Maximize Ad Value

People are expensive: automation is not. Rubicon is a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) which allows publishers to maximise the revenue from advertising, by comparing programmatic and direct sales.

19 Jun 2017

Release Webinar – Spring 2017

We are pleased to share the recording of our latest Webinar with you. Watch to learn about new ADvendio features. Thank you for participating!

19 May 2017