Availability Forecast on Ad Server

Managing ad sales is a complex process in which many different parameters have to be considered. You display the ads depending on website, placement, date, time, browser and so on. Often you disclose different ads from diverse campaigns even on the same placement at the same time. The differentiated demand for online advertisement requires a system that faciliates your business process by building a strong bridge between your CRM and your ad server. But ADvendio.com can even do more. It completely integrates your ad server so that you can request your inventory directly from your campaign in salesforce.com.

Availability Forecast

While you are planning media campaigns one of the most important questions is if the desired inventory is available. Usually you have to check this by leaving your campaign and requsting the information on your ad server. With ADvendio.com you have a button “Check availabilities” right in your media plan which enables you to request this information directly from the ad server. You don’t have to enter the information you are looking for in your ad server again. This (bidirectional) business process allows you to react quickly if inventory is already occupied by another campaign. Even the amount still available is displayed through your ad server in ADvendio.com, so you are able to readjust the quantity. You can easily update the campaign and confer with your customer to find a quick and convenient solution. Especially if you have to make changes in your costumer’s request it is vital to offer immediately a perfect alternative. With the availability check it’s easy to plan media campaigns efficiently.

31 Mar 2011