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Advendio Powers up Magazine Publishers in Singapore and Hong Kong


Expat Living publishes a series of magazines in print and digital form in Singapore and Hong Kong. Their media outreach includes both print and digital, lifestyle guides (e.g. City Guide, Kid’s Guide), websites and newsletters. They appeal to an upmarket, majority female audience, who have lived abroad for four to five years.

The magazines have been publishing for 15 years and the company employs 38 staff. They work with around 300 advertisers every month. ADvendio’s app allowed them to reduce their costs, streamlining performance.


The Challenge – Salesforce Implementation

The company wanted to move to Salesforce, and connect and operate most of their functions via the cloud. They found ADvendio’s app via the Salesforce AppExchange.

Expat Living’s Finance Director, Colin Purchase, says, “We have moved to a system that has allowed us to streamline our manpower costs, while giving us greater functionality”



Moving to the ADvendio App

The publishing house used ADvendio in a basically “off-the-shelf” configuration, which met their needs. They have a slightly customised email module. Their implementation partner was AllCloud, who are experts in carrying out ADvendio solutions.

Gal Siloni, Director of Professional Services for AllCloud, says, “This was a three month project for two of our staff, a consultant and a developer. They did an ingenious job of adapting some of the customer requirements to the ADvendio platform, which required development work and some out-of-the-box thinking. We learned a lot about the print publishing business in the process.”

Expat Living’s temporary in-house CRM manager received training, and has passed on a bulk of the training to the rest of the team.




“Launching the ADvendio advertising business solution with AllCloud as our implementation partner has helped us to improve the productivity and efficiency of our print and digital ad sales business. AllCloud, working with our in-house CRM manager assisted us throughout the project”.

Colin Purchase, CFO, Expat Living Magazine, Singapore


The Results

The benefit for Expat Living has been a reduction in costs, as opposed to an increase in revenue. They are very satisfied with the results of ADvendio.




July 18th, 2017|Success Stories|

Seamlessly connect Print Publishing with Flatplanning

Advendio successfully builds Magazine Spreads with JournalDesigner from dataplan

dataplan partnered with ADvendio to maximize the potential of their print publication solution, JournalDesigner, which speeds up the planning of magazines or newspapers. With the ADvendio ad sales app integrated – this means that the entire content, including all ad requirements – is streamlined into one workflow.

Julian Ahrends, Managing Director Product & Services of ADvendio, says:

“We are very pleased that a major company like dataplan sees the advantages in partnering with ADvendio. Both systems working together means greater efficiency and maximizes the effectiveness of both.”

dataplan is a specialist in Enterprise Resource Planning for publishers, manufacturing and shipping. Their product JournalDesigner – part of the dataplan JournalSuite – benefits users by improving workflow, faster data transmission, fewer errors and higher productivity.

JournalDesigner is a solution for print publication planning and contains all the components to plan newspapers or magazines: ad-customer requirements, technical specifications and editorial elements. With the new connection from JournalDesigner to ADvendio, customers have the option to directly request and book all relevant advertisement positions for the publication.

Here is how it works: with the creation of a new publication date for a magazine JournalDesigner requests all relevant ad positions from ADvendio. Using the specific publication date, ADvendio returns the booked positions, and the data is displayed in the flatplan. If all positions are set JournalDesigner sends the page number and position to ADvendio.

During this process data like the name of the advertiser, the advert size or format, the issue date or the booking status are fired over from one system to the other within seconds, resulting in reduced timings and greater transparency. The process becomes perfectly scalable and the number of errors during the transmission is reduced by the replacement of manual interventions with automation. The ADvendio integration benefits users by increasing productivity and cost savings from greater efficiency and fewer errors.

This new partnership brings advantages for both ADvendio and dataplan. Find out more about the connection of JournalDesigner and ADvendio from our Knowledge Base. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your dataplan support team.

Dr. Wolfgang Zetsche, CEO of dataplan, says:

“Cooperating with well established vendors of Ad Booking Systems like ADvendio is vital for magazine and newspaper production. Creating seamless integration between booking ads and planning issues facilitates workflow enormously. Thus we very much appreciate our recent partnership with ADVendio since it opens up new opportunities for our clients.”

About dataplan

Founded in Hamburg in 1983, dataplan is a specialist for  Enterprise Resource Planning for a variety of industries especially the publishing industry. Planning future issues of magazines/newspapers is the core expertise of dataplan. Its state of the art JournalSuite is the ideal solution for any publisher to place layouts along with advertising in all publishing channels. The key module JournalDesigner provides everything necessary to efficiently create new revisions and control workflows.

It is seamlessly interfaced with all versions of Indesign and a vast variety of ad booking systems. Additional modules like Classified Pagination, Topic Planning or Advert Management can handle ad reservations or deal with classifieds. Many well-known publishers across the globe have used JournalSuite successfully for many years. Find out more here.

About ADvendio

ADvendio is the leading advertising business solution powered by Salesforce. We help publishers and sales houses to make the most of their magazine, digital, TV, radio, out-of-home or cross-media ad inventory. The SaaS solution enables media companies to manage their complete advertising business process end-to-end within one application: from sales and order management, booking and reporting to billing leading to a perfect interplay of sales, ad ops and finance. ADvendio unifies and automates processes and data flows across fragmented application environments found at most media companies. Find out more here.

How ADvendio Supports University Media Departments

Universities have special needs and unique challenges that differ from typical media organizations. From daily papers to websites, annual catalogs, rack ads, billboards, and radio, among others, they have a robust media catalog to sell and manage. Universities also have the added challenge of student turnover and a limited full-time staff. We understand these requirements and help with our user friendly and intuitive interface as well as the customizable processes to make the quote to cash process easy.

ADvendio built on the Force.com platform (Salesforce) which not only gives students real-world experience, it helps them grow sales, and record all account history for future classes to work with. We take the guesswork out of sales with complex cross-media packages quoted to clients with a few easy clicks. We also offer inventory management, a booking calendar, invoicing, reporting, approval processes, and everything your staff needs to be ensure the profitability of your media department. As ADvendio knows the difficulties of Universities and how important good education is we offer special discounts to support the great work of young people.

Watch our University Webinar recording to see how your organization can benefit from working with ADvendio:

Note: This Demo was recorded in Salesforce Classic, but ADvendio is Salesforce Lightning ready. Contact us for a free Demo in Lightning or have a look at our latest Release Webinar.

ADvendio Partners with Rubicon to Maximize Ad Value

People are expensive: automation is not. Rubicon is a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) which allows publishers to maximise the revenue from advertising, by comparing programmatic and direct sales.

What Rubicon does:

  • Now ADvendio users can see the revenue streams of their programmatic sold inventory and can compare them with the directly sold equivalent
  • Customers can see what their clients do with the inventory
  • Everyone benefits from transparency and visibility
  • The Rubicon SSP provides ADvendio with data about the sold inventory in both revenue streams – ADvendio analyses it and makes it available as a report to each customer

General Information about Rubicon

Its mission is to keep the internet free and open and fuel its growth by making it easy and convenient to buy and sell advertising.

Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project’s pioneering technology created a new model for the advertising industry. Today, their automated advertising platform is used by the world’s leading publishers and applications to transact with top brands around the globe enabling them to reach more than one billion consumers. Rubicon Project is a publicly-traded company (NYSE: RUBI) headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Rubicon Provides:

One platform to manage your direct and programmatic advertising business. You can empower your sales team with their trusted solutions and sell your inventory in any manner you choose – across all formats, devices, and platforms.

Global Access To Diverse Demand

Make your inventory available to hundreds of DSPs and trading desks, and the tens of thousands of advertisers they represent. With Rubicon Project, you can rest assured you’re getting brand protection and quality content.

Greater Yield From Each Impression

Manage your inventory in one integrated platform. Rubicon Project’s sophisticated automation and real time bidding (RTB) technologies help you monetize your audience for greater yield from impressions.

One Platform To Manage Your Direct And Programmatic Media Business

Join the Rubicon Project marketplace and start buying multi-channel campaigns across every format, any screen and all audience types.

ADvendio is pleased to extend its application by partnering with Rubicon. CEO Bernd Bube says, “We are extending our position as the worldwide leading commercial cloud solution for advertising sellers covering the full business process. With the Rubicon Project we add another SSP to ensure that our customers are getting a full 360°-revenue-view, profound analytics and the maximum yield from their advertising inventory.”

June 19th, 2017|Partnerships|

More Bang for Your Buck – a Client’s "Take" on ADvendio

“After testing dozens of CRM solutions for our small publishing company nothing else came close.” That’s the first sentence of a great review of ADvendio software by Richard Mortensen, the Director of Sales & Partnership of Take Magazine, produced by a small publishing house in Holyoke, Massachusetts, which specializes in modern and adventurous stories about the culture and art of New England. (more…)

ADvendio Partners with AllCloud

AllCloud, a global cloud solutions provider based in Israel, is ADvendio’s new implementation partner. AllCloud is a Salesforce Platinum Partner, an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner and a Google Cloud Partner. With over 1500 successful deployments to its name, the company is a significant player in the Israeli marketplace.

Gal Siloni, Director of Professional Services, AllCloud’s Salesforce Division, says, “As one of the most established and experienced Salesforce partner, it is extremely important for us to enhance our Salesforce offering. We sourced ADvendio as an excellent Salesforce CRM app choice for our customers.”

AllCloud already worked with the largest publishers in Israel. But their ambitions are to move into new territories – so they are utilising their implementation consultancy skills to deliver ADvendio software in Europe, and the rest of the world.  They have already completed projects in Germany and Singapore.  Gal Siloni continues, “We have already worked with most of the major customers in Israel, so we are concentrating our efforts on Europe, which is a bigger marketplace.”

As one of AllCloud’s customers says, “It was extremely important to us to be able to access AllCloud’s vast experience with companies like ours, and use their knowledge for our needs.”

Amir Arama, Head of Cloud Strategy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise